Don't get too excited and rush to the market: this genetically modified egg is but a concept from the mind of designer Dominic Wilcox. In a recent exhibition in Italy, Wilcox presented his thoughts on the pros and cons of genetic modification. On the one hand, an egg genetically modified to resemble a cup for ease of eating would make breakfast more simple. On the other hand, is the chicken okay with that? Science has come a long way, fueled by curiosity and enabled by new technology. In South Korea, they can clone dogs now. Again, on the one hand a million puppies would be great. On the other hand, how long before they clone a million Lee Myung-baks? Food for thought.

Some of Wilcox's other scientific musings:



Wilcox published a book on conceptual designers that would make life easier. It is called Variations on Normal.


Variations on Normal is available on Amazon

Dominic Wilcox Website

Contemporary and Modern Art Museum of Trento and Rovereto, Italy

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