In this contemporary take on architectural watercolors, Nathan Walsh creates hyper-realistic paintings of New York and Chicago. In reality, Nathan selects details from several pencil drawings he does on-site, allowing himself to build " a world from scratch." Each painting takes up to four months to complete and includes an incredible amount of detail and architectural integrity. 

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Los Angeles

If you've spent most of your life in or near a big city, chances are that your idea of the night sky tends to be dark and gloomy. If, however, you've spent any time in a more rural part of the world, you know that in fact, the night sky can be bright and incredibly beautiful, full of these things called stars. If you've forgotten what they look like, you can thank light pollution, which has rendered cities like New York utterly dark after 7 pm, save for the streetlamps.

To show you what your city could look like without pollution, photographer Thierry Cohen has put together Darkened Cities, a collection of cities with their would-be skies. Cohen shoots clear night skies in places like Montana and the Sahara and matches them with a city on the same latitude, rendering the piece of sky that would be visible under optimal conditions.

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The Happiness Project is brought to you by architectural artist Mark Lascelles Thornton, who uses a rotring pen on white paper to create these incredibly detailed grayscale representations of major cities. So far, Thornton has covered Chicago, New York, London, and a few Asian cities, including Kuala Lumpur and Taipei. The final project includes eight panels which span eight feet by five feet, and are viewable in detail on the artist's tumblr.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2011 00:27

Timelapse - The City Limits

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