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Although it is estimated that approximately one in ten people have dyslexia, until recently, the strides to make the written word more accessible to those people, have been sparse. Dyslexia is not tied to IQ, yet it directly affects how students perform in school, and how they take on new information. With this in mind, compassionate typographers have created a number of typefaces designed specifically for dyslexics. Letters are altered so that there are fewer mix-ups and "jumbling" of letters. Below, some samples of the new type, and how to acquire them. 

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Ben Barrett-Forrest made this paper-letter animation about the history of fonts and typography, in a visual ode to the written word. Ben's work took: 291 Paper Letters, 2,454 Photographs, and 140 hours of work!

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Illustrator Malika Favre designed the totally NSFW ABC's, inspired by the Kama Sutra. Just a warning: you may want to clear your browser history after this steamy read.

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Chris Labrooy is a UK-based graphic designer and illustrator with a gift for 3D wordplay. Labrooy has done work for Time magazine, Pringles, Darty, and his work includes an homage to the divas of 90s pop music: Britney, Mariah, and JLO. Click through for some samples of Labrooy's independent and commercial designs.

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Communication is complex, so it makes sense that letters would be small, three-dimensional structures and not just blots of ink. Sentences are made out of words. Words are made out of letters. And letters are made out of wire, by Dan Hoopert who uses motion graphics software Cinema 4D to make things come to life.

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Thursday, 21 February 2013 17:28

Lights, Camera, Typography: The ABC of Cinema


If film references and typography are your thing, here are two minutes of extreme visual stimulation. Created by Evan Seitz, these two videos go through the alphabet with fast-paced, stunning motion graphics and soundbites from each film. ABCinema seeks to test self-nominated movie buffs by quizzing their knowledge while providing some interesting visuals.

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Tuesday, 12 February 2013 15:47

Valentine's Day: I Love Typography


from House IND

American Typewriter, you're the best. Courier New, you'll always be there for me. Book Antiqua, you're my type. (Get it?) I love typography. To celebrate this special love, here is some love type from across the internet!

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It's not every day that you'll see typography in the animal kingdom, but graphic illustrator Dan Fleming is trying out a new way to classify the various species. Each animal is created by hand using the letters in their name, to create a sort of personalized animal logo. You could also perhaps use Mr. Fleming's work to speed up your kid's literacy by showing them this creative intersection of taxonomy and typography.

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Do you believe that Bacon is a food group? Or that Mimosas are a good source of Vitamin C? Do you simply want to assure yourself that Tequila was a good choice? If any of these statements ring true to your beliefs, then you'll appreciate these prints. This collection of posters from Daily Dishonesty are designed with excellent typography and consistent color schemes in mind. An ideal purchase for the person too hip to just hang a wordless picture on their wall.

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Jackson Alves is a typographer and graphic designer in Brazil whose love of traditional calligraphy influences his modern design philosophy. Alves creates custom types and lettering for different projects and companies using the basic tenets of true calligraphy, and then translates them into digital works of art. Jackson spoke with Notes on the Road about his particular appreciation for word play and the place of manual labor, so to speak, in an increasingly digital world. Jackson also designed a parting gift for us, below.

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