Located in the Elgin Valley, Grabouw, South Africa, the Old Mac Daddy is a luxury trailer park for those who prefer a more interesting experience than your highrise luxury hotel. Each trailer is uniquely decorated for an individual experience, and designed so that while visiting, you can be " not too serious about anything other than comfort, humour and the creation of good memories."

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If you have an infant between 6-24 months and he's begging to go on a bike ride around town, then you'll be interested to learn about Oliver Klein's design for the Kanguru child-friendly bicycle seat. Both a bike seat and a baby carrier, the Kanguru provides a lightweight solution to carrying around your offspring. The frame supports the baby's back and head while keeping it protected. The harness can be adjusted based on your baby's size and if they've been eating too much applesauce, their waistline. Klein's design was the winner of the BraunPrize award.

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Mom, is that a ghost outside my window? No, it's the work of French artist Cédric Le Borgne and he's been installing chicken-wire men in public places around the world. Le Borgne describes himself as a "perfectionist, an intransigent artist who also works within the dimension of time," so there's a brief insight into why one might embark on such a project. His "voyageurs" exist to abolish barriers, make people think about space in new ways and to evoke poetic thought from all those who see it. That is, all those who don't first have a heart attack when they see a translucent man above their window.

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Solar Eclipse (c) Colleen Pinski

The Smithsonian are currently holding their 10th Annual Photo Contest and have announced the finalists for 2012. Ambitious photographers from around the globe took stunning, high quality pictures in the categories of: The Natural World, Travel, People, Americana and Altered Images. The final selection shows us parts of our planet in ways that we never would have thought existed. If you feel strongly about any of these images, or photography in general, you have until March 29th, 2013 to place your vote for the winner.

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Thursday, 28 February 2013 16:21

Show and Tell: The Travel Tools of Hanemaai


Most future-minded people imagine the next thousand years to bring us high speed rail systems, transport tubes, jet-packs and commercial rocket ships. Creative label Hanemaai see the travels of the future turning walks around the neighborhood with see-through boxes on our backs. They've designed the "my infinite home tool," a suitcase that lets you proudly display your five main belongings wherever you go. Useable as both bag and backpack, the suitcase will allow you to wait for the moment a cute boy sees the LP you've chosen to carry and say "Hey, I like The Smiths too." Happy travels.

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If you've ever been on an airplane, then you know that despite the gravity-defying miracle that it is, the experience as a whole is unbearably boring. But you know the most boring moment? When the initial excitement of boarding wears off and you settle into forty five minutes of waiting for everyone else to find their seats? When all the regrets in your life flash before you because there's so little else going on? When you realize you should have upgraded because the fat guy next to you is pouring into your seat? Well photographer John Schabel found that moment worth documenting and captured a series of unsuspecting passengers, about to settle into four to twelve hours of misery.

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Designer Kwon Jin-Seok was highly uncomfortable while waiting for a flight on one of his fancy design tours. Ever the productive type, he imagined a world in which surviving delays and awaiting connections would be fun. Not only could time be passed without extreme agitation, but you could sit next to your friends and even, gasp, feel relaxed. The "Comfort Airport" is a conceptual idea to convert seats into other kinds of seats and make traveling much less of a stress than it needs to be.

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Blackouts are great but they never happen when you want them to. Admit it, you look forward to the beer sipping and card playing under gentle candlelight. The good news is that you don't have to wait for the next power outage to enjoy bringing light home. The designers at Radius present their city skyline candle-holders. They are beautifully designed to display your favorite European city (or New York) as little lights glow from behind.

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The TrakDot: another simple idea that could change the way we live and travel. Luckily, I've never lost my luggage on a flight but we all know someone who has. There's no worse feeling that showing up at home for the first time in a year empty handed. Away on a business trip? Even worse, because now you've misplaced your binder with all those important presentation details. It was on your USB? Well, you've lost that too. Nonetheless, TrakDot is simply a box of clever that you throw in your luggage to be able to track it all the way to your destination. So next time Delta tap their keyboards and tell you they're doing everything they can, you can justify your yelling by pointing out that your luggage is actually in Guadalajara and not Boston.

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