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In this photo series by Gabriele Galimberti, children from all over the world show you their favorite toys. As you can imagine, some children have many toys, and others have very few treasures to play with. It's a poignant way to look at the incredible influence of socio-economic status, even on the youngest members of society. Warning: You will probably get hit with a lot of feelings while looking at these pictures. Galimberti said of the series, "Doing this, I learnt more about the parents than I did about the kids."

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If you need a little cardio to get going, Clocky will run around and taunt you until you catch him and turn off the alarm.

If you're like me, you never totally grasped the whole "sleep schedule" part of being a human being, and the permamently slightly-purple hue under your eyes is proof of that. If you're still in a position where you need to wake up and show up to things (like jobs or school, and other stuff) at a certain time, you need a trusty alarm clock to nudge, sing, or jolt you out of sleep. Here are a few that seem interesting, or terrifying, or both. Sometimes there's food involved, like coffee or bacon, which is nice. 

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Jacques Aubert was a toymaker and the creator of the Atelier cheval de bois, a workshop where he made simple wooden toys that help children develop their motor skills and cognitive abilities. In 2006, Aubert's son Philippe Lieutenant-Aubert, and his partner Marie Dion revamped the business, and the atalier continues to make toys that are perfect for your sophisticated, Ron Swanson-y, possibly French baby.

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Using recycled materials and components salvaged from electronic items (DVD players, stereo players, computers, motherboards, lighters, old toys, etc.), designer Marco Fernandez lovingly constructs robots full of personality. Fernandez doesn't do any preliminary sketches or planning, and he likes to think that the bots, or R³bots, assemble themselves.

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Would you like a slice of toast? by Tomoko Azumi

Italian Designer and Father Matteo Ragni grew frustrated that his children found toys disposable. As a lover of meaningful and well-crafted objects, Ragni wanted the children's toys to hold their attention for longer. His once minimalist living room was also overflowing with balloons and loose lego pieces. So he commissioned one hundred famous Italian designers to make unique wooden cars out of cedar. The zany collection was exhibited at the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia in Milan this Winter. I wonder if he'll turn to the automobile industry when the children get driver's licenses.

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There are many New Yorkers who are infatuated with their big and exciting city, sometimes to such an extent that they may experience feelings of desire to hug their surroundings. This is a bad idea. Most of these buildings are extremely dirty. But to express your affection in a cleaner, safer and more private way, you can collect these New York themed plush toys from Oeuf. From a Brownstone to a Pigeon, these cuddle-magnets will bring you warmth and joy when you finally take a rest from the city that never sleeps.

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Hospitals are a scary place when you don't know what's going to happen, and doctors lacking in bedside manner make the situation far worse. Designer Hikaru Imamura's range of hospital toys for children are meant to inform, educate and entertain little youngsters who have an operation or illness to deal with. The toys feature wooden bears as doctors and come with booklets that describe how to play. The children learn the basics of common hospital procedures and have fun while they're doing it. Personally, I know some adults who could use these too.

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Happy Birthday, Johnny Gruelle!

gruelleJohnny Gruelle (December 24, 1880 - January 9, 1938) was an American artist, political artist, and children's book author and illustrator. Gruelle was the creator of Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy, around whom Gruelle created a series of children's stories and songs.

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Pencils on the Docks: Creative Desk Organization


This year you can knock your boss's socks off as Secret Santa, because he's about to have the coolest desk in town. Designed by London-based agency Héctor Serrano, these desk organizing structures are made from pure white porcelain and consist of modular pieces for storage from all things desk-worthy. They come in three shapes - ship, city and industrial warehouse so bonus points if you work in one of these.

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Alan Sailer is a photography sniper and exploding things is his modus operandi. Sailer's pellet rifles and high shutter speeds have led to the creation of many dynamic and colorful images. In this series, he targets Christmas ornaments, which seems much more satisfying than simply hanging them on a tree. One can only imagine the bloodshed of glitter that emerged on the floor seconds later.

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