Artist Bradley Hart has belittled the currently popular and widespread infestation of pixel art by recreating it entirely. His bubble wrap portraits are exactly that - using bubble wrap as a canvas, Hart injects each pocket with paint and from far away, this gives the exact look of a pixelated drawing. The pictures are photorealistic recreations full of life, color and shrewdness. His work was exhibited at the Gallery Nine5 in New York, where people were made to take a strict anti-popping oath at the door.

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Tuesday, 05 March 2013 18:56

I'll Name Him Mason: Virtual 3D Jar-Pets


Now you truly can catch 'em all: introducing 3D "Jarpets". These collectable critters are miniature projectors that, when connected to a computer via USB, can download information about any chosen animal and provide you with a holographic little friend. The project boasts its ability to satisfy children's curiosity about nature with a more practical solution than keeping a real pet. They may not be as loveable and cuddly as an actual lamb or penguin, but they'll keep those brain cells growing. A butterfly Jarpet, for instance, can assist children with observing the biological process of how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Winner of the red dot design award.

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photo via ciiwa

My idea of a high tech home is essentially Steve Zissou's submarine from The Life Aquatic, but I'm rather averse to spending more than 60 seconds underwater. It's just not my element of choice. For those of us who need to live aboveground, here's a list of high tech gadgets and appliances you can add to your home. It may or may not turn into a robot, but at least you'll be incredibly comfortable and well-cared while you live inside.

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The Hue Toaster is a psychic machine. That's right -- it can read your mind and your deepest desires. It knows exactly which shade of "toasted" you want, and doesn't need to rely on that primitive "1-2-3" system. Hue thinks of you while it's toasting, and sensually bakes the bread golden brown. Hue wants to stay in your kitchen forever. It knows it looks good. You know it looks good. Hue love it.

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If you're any kind of designer, then you'll know the struggle of remembering shortcuts across the Adobe Creative Suite as you switch between programs. The concept between this hypothetical keyboard is to use e-ink for toggling of key layers. It would allow for customization of shortcuts, letting you change what your keys read at any time. The design would also save power and allow it to be wireless. Nevertheless, it is still but a concept. Get to work on creating it, designers Maxim Mezentsev & Aleksander Suhih!

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The Integrated Workstation designed by Matthew Plumstead is ergonomic, functional and promotes productivity. You can charge your laptop, phone and tablets through it. But the best part? It's attached to a very comfortable looking chair. Say what you will about time efficiency and organization skills, but when I hear daybed I think power-nap, not Powerpoint.

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013 17:33

Monitor Your Health: The GluCo "Smartphone"


Since we have come to rely on our smartphones for everything else, we might as well give it permission to access our health. These mini doctors have the world at their keyboard-tips and can track our footsteps, calorie counts and fertility. So how about diabetes? This machine is called the GluCo and it's designed by Sam Whipp. It takes less than five seconds to taste your blood and give you a reading. The results can then be transmitted wirelessly to your phone, your doctor, or your friend with whom you are competing to see who'll live longer. Just spare us the Facebook sharing, please.

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Thursday, 17 January 2013 16:10

Enjoy Your Teeth: 3D Toothbrush "Brusheads"


Our books are now digital, our children are robots and our pets are apps. Why not add more technology to things in our lives? Toothbrushes have come a long way since those fuzzy plaque-building sticks. Now there are 3D toothbrushes that can sense brushing patterns, sing little messages and connect via a mobile app. Introducing The Brusheads - for parents who want their robots to have excellent teeth.

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013 21:16

Jurassic Page: A Paper Dinosaur Roams Free


Motionographer Ken Ottmann has made short film "Paper Age", a beautifully crafted exploration of a paper wasteland where a single dinosaur discovers technology. A resonating thought and the workings of a talented motion graphics designer.

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Sony unveiled their new waterproof walkman with build-in mp3 player at tech convention CES this winter. While they just look like simple ear-buds, they actually contain the whole mp3 player inside them. The buds have been designed for fitness (healthy people who exercise). The waterproof build means they are perfect for swimmers who just can't swim without some Katy Perry blasting in their ears, or for modern day Gene Kellys who want to be singin' and dancin' in the rain.

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