Igor Morski is an illustrator from Poland whose surreal artwork unnerved me so much at one in the morning that I had to wait until daylight to do this post. Much of Morski's work focuses on a decadent interpretation of nature, while the rest features a series of startling "portraits" that might make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013 20:17

Bill Plympton: The Art of Independence

Growing up, Bill Plympton dreamed of someday working for Disney. After his animated film, Your Face, was nominated for an Academy Award in 1987, Disney offered him a million dollars to animate the genie in Aladdin. Plympton said no. Disney wanted ownership of all his work and Plympton wasn't willing to give that up. Plympton has remained independent ever since.

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013 20:56

Robison in Wonderland: Surreal Sensibilities


A lot of imaginative souls are working with photography and composite software these days, designing strange and creative worlds where anything is possible. Canadian Joel Robison is one of these wanderers: putting himself in extraordinary landscapes, dreaming of his own wonderland. Is nobody content with the ordinary world any more?

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The work of surrealist photographer Thomas Barbéy is imagination at its most creative. It can be easy to become accustomed to everyday sights, especially as we get older and our childish inventiveness is replaced with concerns about what to make for dinner. But Barbéy plays with perspective and creates compositions manipulated to the furthest degree. You haven't seen images this strange since your college roommate painted a picture of what they saw on their acid trip that one time.

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During nightly horrors where neighbors are fighting or roommates are playing loud videos or there's a party upstairs resembling a tribal dance party, I fantasize about a completely detached home of my own. I don't know what neighborly incidents drove French photographer Laurent Chehere to envision his flying houses, but they resemble the kind of isolated world I dream of - just as long as there's minimal turbulence. Chehere's surreal pictures won him a prize at the Dock en Seine City of Fashion and Design and the Galerie Paris-Beijing showcased his work at an exhibition.

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Kyle Thompson has made a name for himself with his surrealist self-portraits. Thompson puts himself in harm's way for the sake of his art, but his risks have paid off. His work demonstrates the technique and skills of an artist far beyond his years. He even manages to make suburban Illinois look awesome - now that's talent. Check out our interview with Mr. Thompson below.

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Thursday, 29 November 2012 21:00

Iridium: Magnificent Time-Lapse of Lake Eyre

iridiumIs this Earth or outer space? This surreal and elegiac time-lapse by Murray Fredericks presents us with jaw-dropping beauty that makes Australia's Lake Eyre look like the far corners of a distant planet.


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Thursday, 29 November 2012 18:02

They'll Be Fine! Putting Women in Bubbles


Man, the '60s were a crazy time. In this photoshoot for Harper's Bazaar in 1963, Melvin Sokolsky put real women inside bubbles on the streets of Paris, giving us the impression that anything was possible before CGI.

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