Czech photographer Miloslav Druckmüller achieved these stunning results of the moon during a solar eclipse by combining 47 images, taken with two different lenses. You can find much higher resolution versions of his images on the photographer's own website.

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013 19:21

Oh Hello, Hotello


Hotello is only a concept for now, designed for Swiss firm daskonzept, but I bet we'll be seeing this pop-up room in a lot of places. The frame is portable enough to pack into a trunk, along with the tiniest murphy-bed ever. If your method of travel is seriously light, but still requires a room of one's own, look out for Hotello a little while after its debut at the Fuori Salone 2013, on display from April 9–14, 2013.

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I know it looks like a giant pink hairball but this is actually a close up photograph of the sun, and it was taken with a webcam designed to capture license plates. Photographer Alan Friedman is just one of those people who invents ingenious ways to use everyday items. Did I mention that these images are taken from Friedman's backyard in Buffalo, New York, and not the International Space Station? Friedman gets these images by capturing objects at 120 frames per second, and then combing through to find the sharpest image. One last thing: this isn't even Friedman's day job – he designs greeting cards and takes these photographs as a hobby. Alan also gave a Ted Talk about his strange ability to capture sunlight, below.

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"I use my off duty time to investigate scientific curiosities of my own design, because I'm here, and I can, and these things tickle my imagination." This awesome nugget of inspiration comes to you from NASA astronaut and chemist Don Pettit, who is currently hanging out, sans gravity, on the International Space Station. While he's not making discoveries about outer space and hunting for aliens (I assume), he conducts fun experiments to see what happens to earthly elements in outer space. That involves doing Yo-Yo tricks in space, and then getting to name them whatever he wants because he's the first person to do zero gravity Yo-Yo tricks. Way to make everyone else feel totally inadequate about their accomplishments, Don Pettit. 

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Pluto, formerly known as a planet

As far as I'm concerned, Pluto deserves at least honorary recognition as a planet. After all, Pluto even has its own Sailor Scout, and that's reason enough for me. Anyway, since 2011, two new moons have been discovered orbiting Pluto, and because the public will always love the underdog, you now have the opportunity to help name those moons. Courtesy of the SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute, you can vote on your favorite names, taken from Greek and Roman mythology. 

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Is this the coolest duvet cover ever? That was a rhetorical question. You should probably buy these, because they feature a real astronaut uniform from the Space Expo Museum in Holland. You'll also find out exactly how cool you look in an astronaut's uniform. Hurry up, because your dreams are about to get out of this world. Not to mention, it might be a good idea to get some protective space gear in all of our bedrooms, what with the very recent meteor explosion that did some damage in Russia, and the asteroid that just buzzed past Earth. 

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This is the story of the universe and its components, but it's told through animated food, which is in essence what keeps us alive - woah. Watch Encyclopedia Pictura's short motion piece "Micro Macro" below.


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Time is a pretty precious resources, especially when we're talking about space. In space, 30 seconds without a spacesuit will wreak havoc on your body, and I'm no scientist, but I'm pretty sure you'd eventually blow up? No one is completely sure, because NASA's not about to test out that theory. So it's pretty important that astronauts are able to get into their space suits as quickly as humanly possible. Enter the Z-1 space suit, NASA's newest extraterrestrial ensemble, which allows astronauts instantly to slide into the suit, and enter into another planet.

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The mysteries of the distant universe have been unveiled, revealing our galactic neighbors are not planets after all, but giant balls of ice cream. This is the concept behind Haagen-Dazs' new ad campaign, envisioned by London design firm Doshi Levien. The idea compares the endless discoveries of sweet and creamy textures to crater-hopping moon adventures. Let's hope our space-bound astronauts don't find out about this, because I'm sure nothing could make them miss Earth more than reminders of ice cream.

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The Space movie: existing between the realms of human curiosity and bad CGI for over fifty years. If this sounds like something you're into, then you'll like this montage of Hollywood space suit helmets from all your galaxy-exploring flicks, cut to a beautiful mash up of Bowie's Space Oddity.

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