In this neat little corner house in Japan, which looks not unlike so many pop-up shops all over Brooklyn, you are more than welcome to covet thy neighbor's carefully curated earthly possessions. The entire ground level is a public space where everything is up for grabs, and if you like it, you can put a price on it. It feels a little like snooping around your way cooler-than-you older sibling's closet and getting to take the best stuff. The owners at FIKA, in Toyko's Toshima-ku ward and designed by ON Design Partners, mostly sell Scandanavian products, and their home is named after the Swedish verb that means something like indulging in a coffee break. The combined home and mom-and-pop shop is an homage to taking moments in life to appreciate small pleasures, and that includes material things. 

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Just in time for the rainy season, here comes Submarine Umbrella! Or Submarella, or Sumbrella or - you get the picture. If you're afraid to go underwater and refuse to join the navy, then this umbrella is your only hope towards submarine discovery. Available in yellow and grey.

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Sunday, 25 November 2012 18:39

What Men Do by Wei Fuk Lie


"Is this what men do, daddy? Sit nicely while women shop..."

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Or, how you get a new lambskin leather jacket that retailed at Barney's for $960, at a steal for $125. Or an exquisite Vera Wang wedding gown for $200 - oops, only if you click fast enough!

For those who love to immerse themselves in the delirium of fabric, textures, colors and sheer playful joy of accoutrement, deshabille, SHOES, formal and daily wear - and do it at an extreme bargain.

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