In this battle of physics versus engineering, (or is it man versus machine?), which nerdy inventor reigns supreme?


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Lake Hillier is a naturally pink lake located on Middle Island in Australia. The color is the result of the green algae and a high concentration of brine prawn, which, along with the right environmental conditions, allows the algae to produce the red pigmented beta carotene, which is also the culprit that makes it important for you to eat your carrots like your mom told you.

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Ambition is the first step in crossing all scientific frontiers but, unfortunately, it's a game of patience. ET3 is a concept known as the Evacuated Tube Transport Technology. Their slogan is "Space Travel On Earth" and their goal is to build airless, frictionless tubes to provide unbelievably fast transit across the planet. New York to LA in 45 minutes, or around the world in six hours, both sound great for businesses or distanced families, but let's be realistic - it still takes 20 minutes just to catch an MTA bus and California can't even build a railway. As idealistic as this sounds, I think I'll just live vicariously through episodes of Futurama.

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Wednesday, 05 December 2012 19:50

Dance With Me, Honey Bee: Nature's Waggle Wow

Honeybees Who knew Bees were this interesting! This video explains the ways in which honeybees communicate with each other to reveal the location of food. It also reveals these insects are smarter than some people I know. The way they do it is - no, wait, I won't spoil it for you. Watch the video!

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Could the shape and texture of your utensil change the way you respond to tastes? Is it possible to mold your palate or heighten flavors with a tool? If so, the whole food industry could evolve. Jinhyun Jeon has created an unusual and provocative set of cutlery as part of her Masters Thesis at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands. Her experiment is based on the connections between colors, form and taste and was inspired by Synesthesia, the condition of sensory stimulations coalescing.

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Monday, 12 November 2012 13:06

Seeds: Time Capsules of Life

Wednesday, 22 June 2011 01:28

Fiber optic cables: How they work

fiber_opticsBill Hammock, the Engineer Guy, explains how fiber optic cables work. Fantastic!

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Wednesday, 08 June 2011 10:59

Solar Prominence Eruption


Early morning on June 7, 2011, an amazingly massive and spectacular event took place on the Sun; a huge prominence eruption, marked by a solar flare and release of energetic particles. Daniel Pendick from the Geeked on Goddard blog described it as a "fountain of plasma that blasts out of the solar surface, spreads outward, and collapses to splat back down."

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EdithWidderIn the deep, dark ocean, many sea creatures make their own light for hunting, mating and self-defense. Bioluminescence expert Edith Widder was one of the first to film this glimmering world. At TED2011, she brings some of her glowing friends onstage, and shows more astonishing footage of glowing undersea.

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