Evolution, Mother Nature or some kind of God may be responsible for designing all the beautiful animals in the world but British illustrator Alan Dalby has taken credit. His bold and colorful drawings of members from the Animal Kingdom show a great respect and appreciation for the weird and wonderful creatures we share the Earth with. Dalby's successful prints have themselves evolved into pillows, iPhone cases and more in his online shop. Such is nature.

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Behold: the work of graphic designer and illustrator Aron Vellekoop León. Mr. León has a love for bold primary colors and isn't afraid to show it. His illustrations defy the rules of modern day graphic design, instead taking inspiration from mid-century print techniques. León lives and works in the Netherlands, where he spends his days funneling geometry and abstract storytelling into high quality work that has caught the attention of clients worldwide.

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There are a lot of options when it comes to coffee. They mostly revolve around how much, and what kind of dairy to add. I see no problems with this, except that it can be difficult to remember the difference between Cafe Au Lait and Caffe Latte when you're in a line of stressed out city dwellers all ordering their next caffeine fix. Here is a nicely organized Caffeine chart, designed by the Orbit Visual Graphic Design Studio. Enjoy!

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Do you believe that Bacon is a food group? Or that Mimosas are a good source of Vitamin C? Do you simply want to assure yourself that Tequila was a good choice? If any of these statements ring true to your beliefs, then you'll appreciate these prints. This collection of posters from Daily Dishonesty are designed with excellent typography and consistent color schemes in mind. An ideal purchase for the person too hip to just hang a wordless picture on their wall.

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With the direction the internet is heading today, this combination of Star Wars and typography was bound to happen soon. And it did. Created by artist Pete Ware of 17th and Oak, these prints are a must-have for anybody - well maybe not anybody, but anybody with interests in fonts, pop culture and space.

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Illustrator and designer Julian Montague was asked to design a series of prints representing the official flora, fauna, and sometimes fossil of each of the 50 states, called 'State of America'. The resulting prints are not unlike a series of minimalist crests with sometimes surprising insignia. Did you know, for instance, that the state fossil of Georgia is the shark tooth? Or that Rhode Island has its own chicken, called the Rhode Island Red Chicken? Neither did I.
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The work of illustrator Jay Fleck is bold, beautiful and bursting with imaginings of faraway lands and fantasy playgrounds. His graphics are universal and full of heart: inspired by the literature of his childhood and the supportive internet communities of today. Jay Fleck talks to us about his designs, his process, and his own youngsters.

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