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New York City has a rare energy that inspires and reinvigorates. No matter who you are and what eccentric habits you have, you'll never feel out of place here.

Brandon Stanton is the photographer behind "Humans of New York," the popular photography blog where New Yorkers of every borough are captured just doing their own New York thing. The blog has since become a "photographic census" of the wild and wonderfully varied inhabitants of the city. Stanton recently teamed up with Tumblr and New York Magazine for a storyboard.

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In a tradition that dates back to 8,000 BC, the intrepid honey hunters of Nepal brave the steep cliffs of the Himalayas to harvest honey from the world's largest honeybee, Apis laboriosa. Like mortals climbing their way to Olympus to taste the ambrosia of the ancient Greek gods, honey hunting is a long and dangerous endeavor. The hunters use rope ladders and must balance a basket and a long pole used to chisel away at a giant honey comb which contains up to two million bees, and catch it in the basket.

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Photographers Jean-Louis Klein and Marie-Luce Hubert spent a year capturing the secret life of the harvest mouse, resulting in these charming images. All the mice were eventually released into a suitably safe field.

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In 1914, the men of New York climbed the wires of the Brooklyn Bridge without a care in the world. Nowadays, there better be a microbrew or apple device up there because that's all they care about. See more incredible historic photos of New York City like this one below...

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