Thursday, 21 February 2013 17:28

Lights, Camera, Typography: The ABC of Cinema


If film references and typography are your thing, here are two minutes of extreme visual stimulation. Created by Evan Seitz, these two videos go through the alphabet with fast-paced, stunning motion graphics and soundbites from each film. ABCinema seeks to test self-nominated movie buffs by quizzing their knowledge while providing some interesting visuals.

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From your kitchen sink to a Japanese waterfall to your mouth to the sky: a drop of water travels many miles. This short pop-up book animation tells the story of a water droplet's life cycle. I could have really used this in science class. Stop Motion by Chris Turner, Paper Sculptures by Helen Friel and Animation by Jess Deacon.

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Whether you zip around via bike, car, bus, train, tram or jet-plane, you'll appreciate this beautifully animated video called "World of Motion".

Created by director Colin Hesterly.

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This is the story of the universe and its components, but it's told through animated food, which is in essence what keeps us alive - woah. Watch Encyclopedia Pictura's short motion piece "Micro Macro" below.


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Creative studio "finally" bring you this beautiful short video about the complexity of music, set to a sharp and stunning soundtrack. Learn about everything from soundwaves to overtones and dissonance to frequency in this short and touching motion piece below.

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013 21:16

Jurassic Page: A Paper Dinosaur Roams Free


Motionographer Ken Ottmann has made short film "Paper Age", a beautifully crafted exploration of a paper wasteland where a single dinosaur discovers technology. A resonating thought and the workings of a talented motion graphics designer.

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Friday, 30 November 2012 17:47

The Artists directed by Sean Mullen

Artists Check out this delightful animated short, directed by Sean Mullen.

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