As President of The Juilliard School, Dr. Joseph Polisi is a twenty-first century visionary poised at the helm of a world-renowned performing arts institution; he is a fierce proponent of the arts, an author, a teacher, and a performer.

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Every so often, you meet someone who, in even just a short time, manages to change your life forever; someone possessed of such charisma and vibrancy, you come away from the experience with creativity ablaze, hopes renewed, confidence restored and idealism reborn.

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Meet Carrie Feiner, the exclusive artist manager to pianistic phenom, Sara Buechner.

Feiner is setting a new-wave trend in the music industry that channels the ghosts of great managers past, her work a throwback to an era when classical managers were more than booking agents; a time when they vowed to serve and protect the longevity of their artists’ careers.

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