Artist Bradley Hart has belittled the currently popular and widespread infestation of pixel art by recreating it entirely. His bubble wrap portraits are exactly that - using bubble wrap as a canvas, Hart injects each pocket with paint and from far away, this gives the exact look of a pixelated drawing. The pictures are photorealistic recreations full of life, color and shrewdness. His work was exhibited at the Gallery Nine5 in New York, where people were made to take a strict anti-popping oath at the door.

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In these seemingly peaceful landscapes by Yao Lu, the artist delivers a poignant message about the alarmingly nonchalant proliferation of garbage and waste that has overtaken parts of China. Although Lu's photographs resemble the traditional watercolor landscapes that have become synonymous with Chinese art, the images are of enormous landfills that plague the forgotten countryside, where the environmental havoc of urban sprawl has been left to fester. As China has only recently admitted the existence of its many cancer villages, the country faces one of the most dangerous and far-reaching environmental epidemics in the world.

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Layers aren't just for Photoshop anymore. Japanese artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi creates panoramic landscapes on plexiglass acrylic, using a laser printer and infinite views. His drawings aim to change the way we percieve the world, if only for a minute, and to extend our limited eyesight, presenting solid matter that we experience with our whole body. The result is a sliced up, flowing vista, which I imagine can be appreciated much more in person. His exhibition of layered landscapes entitled "Time + Space" was featured at the Hildebrand Gallery in Geneva.

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012 20:48

Pencils on the Docks: Creative Desk Organization


This year you can knock your boss's socks off as Secret Santa, because he's about to have the coolest desk in town. Designed by London-based agency Héctor Serrano, these desk organizing structures are made from pure white porcelain and consist of modular pieces for storage from all things desk-worthy. They come in three shapes - ship, city and industrial warehouse so bonus points if you work in one of these.

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The Happiness Project is brought to you by architectural artist Mark Lascelles Thornton, who uses a rotring pen on white paper to create these incredibly detailed grayscale representations of major cities. So far, Thornton has covered Chicago, New York, London, and a few Asian cities, including Kuala Lumpur and Taipei. The final project includes eight panels which span eight feet by five feet, and are viewable in detail on the artist's tumblr.

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Friday, 23 November 2012 17:40

Kelly McCollam's Spice of Life


Kelly McCollam is an artist with a twist. Her interests in classical masterpieces such as Van Gogh's "Starry Night" inspired her to recreate them in her own way.

Her salt and spice formations pay homage to her favorite fine artists while conveying the visions of a young artist well on her way to success.

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Friday, 23 November 2012 15:27

Jasper James: Portraits in a Megacity


The greatest stories are always, at heart, about people. Today, in the overwhelming and overpopulated Asian megacities it can be hard to find individuality amongst the chaos. British photographer Jasper James has traveled around these places and created a beautiful project entitled "City Silhouettes." These pictures add a highly personal perspective to the vast, anonymous landscapes of Tokyo, Shenzhen and Shanghai. James has also been commissioned by a range of clients including British Airways, Vanity Fair, Ferrari and more. 

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Carl Warner, a photographer who started out as an illustrator in art school, found his true calling by playing with food. The British artist has since created many landscapes, or "foodscapes," using all manner of ingredients. Warner now does commercial work for big brand-names all over the world. 
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