Do you know someone who perpetually has a song stuck in their head, or perhaps their limbs? If you or someone you know has air-drum fever, there's a cure. The Y-Drum, from 24 year-old designer Kevin Depape, is a portable drum kit that syncs via Bluetooth to your laptop, phone, or tablet, which means you can drum wherever your Bluetooth password lets you. The kit is easy enough for beginners to understand, and can be customized to your specific preferences so you can build the kit of your wireless dreams.

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Everything changed for trumpeter  Philip Dizack when he learned to play a C major scale. An undying love for jazz and a devotion to practice eventually led him to New York City , where he attended the Manhattan School of Music, and won several awards. Philip has just released his second album as a leader: End of an Era. 

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This is a campaign for the Stiftung Berliner Harmoniker (the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra), photographed by Mierswa and Kluska and developed by art director Björn Ewers. It's easy to get lost in these images of the insides of instruments, which look like a cross between the Matrix and the coolest attic you could imagine.

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