Illustrator Keith Negley identifies his work as the result of "a penchant for emotionally driven narrative illustration," which has led to his work being featured in several national magazines and papers, including The New York Times. Negley has a real gift for layering textures and instilling a depth of feeling in his work, much more of which you can see on his own website.

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James Gulliver Hancock is an Australian–turned–New Yorker who has set about to draw every building in New York City, a truly daunting, but extremely intriguing task. James keeps track of his illustrated census on his beautifully maintained website, All The Buildings In New York. His work has been turned into a book, All The Buildings In New York (That I've Drawn So Far). The really cool part of James' site is that you can search for illustrated structures by both borough and building type.

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Designer and illustrator Si Scott, whose portfolio includes work for Dove, Coca Cola, and Nike, drew these intricate wildlife creatures by hand. Using pen and ink, Scott created a set of seriously in depth creatures. Check out Scott's Facebook page, which has more details of his creative process.

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David LaFerriere is an illustrator and graphic designer, and probably one of the coolest dads ever. Since 2008, the artist has use his children's plastic sandwich bags as an everyday canvas, sending them off to school with adorably stylish culinary treats.

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013 00:17

Owen Davey, The Cartooning Cartographer


Illustrator Owen Davey brings a little animated whimsicality to these maps of worthwhile travel spots, from Washington, DC to Rajasthan, India. Davey highlights important locations and includes illustrations of the best bits of local culture from each one. Use these maps as a handy guide for what to experience when you visit, and remember: it's pronounced Ibitha.

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Saturday, 13 April 2013 11:30

Sky Art by Thomas Lamadieu


At first glance, I looked at these illustrations by Thomas Lamadieu and thought, "How does someone draw in the sky? Is he a wizard?" It turns out, the artist first takes photographs of the sky and fills them in later, which is less wizardly, but still pretty cool.

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Using pop art illustrations from design team Craig & Karl, a photoshoot for Vogue Nippon (that's Japan) got artfully animated in a way that reminds us that fashion can be fun, even if haute couture isn't really your thing.  Lacey and Andrew Gallimore dreamed up the series, which reminds me – I wonder if the model below is sleeping.

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Alexey Menschikov is a Russian street artist with an incredible flair – for the very subtle. Menschikov incorporates the environment, from cracks in the sidewalks to luckily-placed shadows, into his public art. The results are rather charming, and will definitely make you pay a little more attention to your own surroundings. 

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This clever piece of advertising is for the London Book Club, which hopes to entice the artistically curious to join the LBC's life-drawing classes with a stop-motion video. Watch the video to see a naked woman dancing, and see if you get inspired to dabble in drawing.

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013 14:04

Purring Pencil Art: Almost Caturday Edition


Wake up, it's almost Caturday! And these are incredible pencil drawings from Hong Kong-based artist and cat-enthusiast, Paul Lung. Paul also draws other animals, and people, but first look at these kittens! They're mostly napping and cute, but sometimes they're awake and cute.

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