Inspired by Spain of the 1960s, the Chic & Basic Ramblas Hotel is located in the heart of Spain, and welcomes you on a brief time traveling vacation. Designed by Lagranja Design, the hotel boasts 97 rooms spread over 6 floors of vintage and sunny comfort. Pack a lunch of cheese and wine, grab your passport and go.

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"No Touching!" yelled the prison guards to George Bluth. They would have been saying quite the opposite if the location in question was the fabulously redesigned Arrest Hotel in Roermond, the Netherlands. This building first opened in 1863, housing the worst criminals in town. The criminals have since been rehabilitated, transformed into upstanding citizens and no crimes have occurred in the Netherlands since. The building is now a fashionable hotel, demonstrating sleek upgrades while encompassing some traits of the old lifestyle, such as barred windows, steel doors and guards who are now simply called concierges. So turn yourself in at the Arrest Hotel next time you're feeling criminally naughty, harboring strange fantasies or just wanting to repent for something you never stopped feeling guilty about.

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Wondering where all the ice and snow has gone recently? No, it's not global warming. It's all disappeared to Quebec, where the magnificent "Hotel de Glace" has been redesigned for a new year. The extravagant lovechild between an igloo and a Hilton, the Hotel De Glace contains 44 suites for wonderfully wintery escapades. The building is reconstructed every winter, allowing for new designs each year. This season is its thirteenth opening and explores a "A Journey to the Center of Winter" theme. The hotels icy doors are open to visitors until March 2013, when the first ray of sun will return to Canada.

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Fans of James Bond, or just thrill-seekers who are sick of the Ritz and the Hiltons, will be happy to learn that a 007 Hotel Suite exists in Paris. The room contains all manner of luxury, including a 62 inch television screen, an "endless mirror", a lounge corner and even golden toilets. Of course it also includes some more common anemities, like air conditioning, complimentary bathrobes, Nespresso and and a safe. If you're an office worker looking to spice up your life, start saving.

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I LOVE treehouses!

The Treehotel is located in Harads, Sweden. This unique collection of hotel rooms is nestled high in the woods, there is a room for every personality: the Cabin, Blue Cone, Bird's Nest, UFO and most intriguing of all, the Mirrorcube!


The Mirrorcube


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Hotel Maison Moschino

Hotel Maison Moschino is located in the old neoclassical railway station in Milan, Italy. There are 65 rooms, all decorated in unique and fantastic styles!


Sleep in a Ballgown

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011 02:45

Mina One Villa in Mykonos, Greece


This is what I'll be reaming of tonight- relaxing and reading a book on the wide sofas under the shade, swimming in the pebble covered infinity pool.

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