Jackson Alves is a typographer and graphic designer in Brazil whose love of traditional calligraphy influences his modern design philosophy. Alves creates custom types and lettering for different projects and companies using the basic tenets of true calligraphy, and then translates them into digital works of art. Jackson spoke with Notes on the Road about his particular appreciation for word play and the place of manual labor, so to speak, in an increasingly digital world. Jackson also designed a parting gift for us, below.

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Nikola Djurek

When I was in fourth grade, my teacher told us, under no uncertain terms, that this was the year to master our cursive writing. By December of the academic year, which had started in September, we had to have completed the full transition to all cursive all the time. This was for our own good because for the rest of our lives, we would need to write in script. Well, you can file that whole whopper under 'Lies My Teacher Told Me' because not only was it not true, but people now look at me strangely if I do write in script. Thanks for nothing, Mr. Schultz.

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