Chris Labrooy is a UK-based graphic designer and illustrator with a gift for 3D wordplay. Labrooy has done work for Time magazine, Pringles, Darty, and his work includes an homage to the divas of 90s pop music: Britney, Mariah, and JLO. Click through for some samples of Labrooy's independent and commercial designs.

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Using pop art illustrations from design team Craig & Karl, a photoshoot for Vogue Nippon (that's Japan) got artfully animated in a way that reminds us that fashion can be fun, even if haute couture isn't really your thing.  Lacey and Andrew Gallimore dreamed up the series, which reminds me – I wonder if the model below is sleeping.

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Igor Morski is an illustrator from Poland whose surreal artwork unnerved me so much at one in the morning that I had to wait until daylight to do this post. Much of Morski's work focuses on a decadent interpretation of nature, while the rest features a series of startling "portraits" that might make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

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Behold: the work of graphic designer and illustrator Aron Vellekoop León. Mr. León has a love for bold primary colors and isn't afraid to show it. His illustrations defy the rules of modern day graphic design, instead taking inspiration from mid-century print techniques. León lives and works in the Netherlands, where he spends his days funneling geometry and abstract storytelling into high quality work that has caught the attention of clients worldwide.

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Communication is complex, so it makes sense that letters would be small, three-dimensional structures and not just blots of ink. Sentences are made out of words. Words are made out of letters. And letters are made out of wire, by Dan Hoopert who uses motion graphics software Cinema 4D to make things come to life.

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It's not every day that you'll see typography in the animal kingdom, but graphic illustrator Dan Fleming is trying out a new way to classify the various species. Each animal is created by hand using the letters in their name, to create a sort of personalized animal logo. You could also perhaps use Mr. Fleming's work to speed up your kid's literacy by showing them this creative intersection of taxonomy and typography.

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Do you believe that Bacon is a food group? Or that Mimosas are a good source of Vitamin C? Do you simply want to assure yourself that Tequila was a good choice? If any of these statements ring true to your beliefs, then you'll appreciate these prints. This collection of posters from Daily Dishonesty are designed with excellent typography and consistent color schemes in mind. An ideal purchase for the person too hip to just hang a wordless picture on their wall.

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Friday, 08 February 2013 15:35

Paper Magic by Eiko Ojala


Eiko Ojala is an illustrator and graphic designer living in Estonia whose work has often been featured in books and magazines. His artwork includes these incredible paper crafts, including one "portrait" that looks a lot like Ron Swanson, or his alter ego Duke Silver. Check out Eiko's portraiture and other work below, which put your pop-up construction paper projects to shame. 

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Jackson Alves is a typographer and graphic designer in Brazil whose love of traditional calligraphy influences his modern design philosophy. Alves creates custom types and lettering for different projects and companies using the basic tenets of true calligraphy, and then translates them into digital works of art. Jackson spoke with Notes on the Road about his particular appreciation for word play and the place of manual labor, so to speak, in an increasingly digital world. Jackson also designed a parting gift for us, below.

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These cleverly minimal movie posters have been brought to you by graphic designers from all over the world. The sparse and carefully chosen imagery of your favorite movies are a welcome relief from the too–standard action movie poster of Vin Diesel and some dude, standing back to back.

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