Laura Ashley Rowland Blue Quilt Set

Mother's Day is May 12, and depending on when you look through this list, that's soon, or even sooner. Your task for this holiday is to get something for your mom that is too indulgent for her to buy on her own, making it the perfect gift, as in "You really shouldn't have! (But I'm so glad you did.)" We've compiled a list of gift ideas for you which are full of luxury but won't leave you penniless. Only you know if your mother will enjoy any of these items, so mull it over carefully!

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the Sisters - grey wool mountain range pillow

These wool and linen handmade pillows from Three Bad Seeds are a super cute way to declare your love of nature, which is maybe second to your love of cuddling and taking naps. It's also rare that mountain ranges look this cozy, or goats look this friendly. That's the power of pillows! Check out some highlights from the collection, and then peruse the shop on Etsy. 

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Elysium Woodworks on Etsy makes these elegant custom cutting boards for those who know that the kitchen is the real heart of any home. Especially if you consider cooking to be a series of chemical reactions (it is), you'll get a kick out of the Periodic Table of Elements cutting board, or the Bacon cutting board, which provides both a statement of your devotion to bacon, and a little scientific knowledge.

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Your mind might not automatically spring to our good friends in Scandinavia when you think about perfect design and stunning architecture. It does? Well... good for you. In any case, Northern Delights is a beautiful new addition to your coffee table. It is a hardcover portfolio of some of the nicest homes and ideas in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. From modern interior design to quirky furniture and high quality photography, this book is just what you need to impress your friends who still won't shut up about Le Corbusier. Edited by Swedish design guru and blogger Emma Fexeus.

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Wednesday, 27 February 2013 18:27

Hold Me Closer, Tiny Chicken: Paperclip Nest


Decorate your desk just in time for Easter with this shiny egg. The egg contains a magnet which is perfect for keeping those little paperclips nestled closely around. I suppose it can be used for anything else metallic, such as pins or badges. As well as being functional, this novelty accessory and stationary-mate will light up your otherwise plain desk. Comes with 50 paperclips.

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$49 - Valentine's Day Belgian Chocolate Strawberries

For those who are ready to start indulging

Gift Guides tend to be so stereotypical: the perfume is for her, the Swiss Army knife for him. Who says that gift ideas must be so limited? Introducing: A gift guide for people who are a little more complex than that. So whether you're single, committed or still waiting to find out, go and splurge on something great for yourself. You have one week until Valentine's Day. Go!

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Friday, 21 December 2012 21:14

I Can Quilt You The World: DIY Stitch Maps


Are you happy that Google Maps is now available on the iPhone 5 but miss having something to complain about? Try these DIY stitching maps of your favorite cities. You can follow the basic map patterns but go off the grid if you feel like constructing neighborhoods and buildings that only exist in your mind. And if it comes out completely inaccurate? Well, that's how Apple felt.

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Friday, 21 December 2012 15:43

Bevel Cup: You Better Believe It


After washing my mugs (and I do this a lot due to my tea addiction) I can't wait to put them back in the cabinet with all their liquid-holding friends. However, sneaky drops of water remain on the rim and in the crevaces and this simply will not do. If this annoys you, hold on a second before calling your teacher from elementary school and telling her she lied about evaporation. Just get a Bevel Cup! It's the smartest mug you'll ever own.

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If all the objects in your house were alive, and had their own social system complete with a heirarchy, these bookends would be among the elite. Because they're smarter than your desk, your sofa and your kitchen cabinets. Why? Because they're invisible! How many other useful (or -less) ornaments in your apartment provide full function while hiding form? Yeah, that's what I thought.

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If you have a friend from California, or are just hungry for awesome camera gear then look no further than this burrito lens wrap from Photojojo. The soft tortilla fabric protects your valuable lens while you're running to the taco place and it will always be there to remind you of your favorite food.

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