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In the Atami mountainside of Japan, this sleekly-designed crescent house has a lot to offer, and it that includes panoramic views of Mt. Fuji. For a cool 2.2 million (180 million yen), the moon on the mountain can be yours.

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Oh man, remember that summer when you went snorkeling in Australia and you saw all those exotic sea creatures that you've dreamed of ever since? If you never did this, pretend you did and go along with it. Roxy Russell Design firm of California has recycled some sea creatures into plastic lamps to raise awareness of pollution in the ocean, and to guilt trip you just a little bit whenever you serve sushi. Behold, the Medusae Collection.

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Thursday, 27 December 2012 15:56

ABChairs: Communicate Through Sitting


I'm not a fan of arguing debates, public speaking or standing up. That's why I'm thrilled to find these alphabet chairs, designed by Roeland Otten. Sit on your letter of choice and the communication will flow through you. After all, I do like voicing my opinions, and now I can do it sitting down.

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From designer Daisuke Motogi, the "Lost in Sofa" is the chair where you can store all you pocket stuff on purpose. Whether you want to safely tuck away your phone, wallet, and keys before you sit down, or you have an intense couch–surfing session to get to, and snack trips into the kitchen every fifteen minutes are just not an option for you, the "Lost in Sofa" is sympathetic to your couch potato ways. Go ahead, let the lumps flow through you.

Below, a detailed look at the "Lost in Sofa" and more space-saving, couch–potato–friendly furniture by Daisuke Motogi.

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I don't need no kindle! I love books and I'm proud of it - the more the better. Going to the library was a drag when I was little, you had to be silent, you couldn't run around, you could only pick up books the teacher would approve of - and now that I'm older, none of that has changed. That's why I'm building my own! Because when you can live surrounded with bookcases this elegant, who wants a kindle? Not me.

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Sometimes the internet just makes me really happy – this is one of those times. Without the internet, I doubt I would ever have found out about The Dog House Sofa from Korean design studio min n mun. It's made out of pet–friendly fabrics, which means you won't have to worry about your dog (or cat) ruining your carefully chosen furniture. It's perfect for small spaces and apartments, where you want to use your square footage especially carefully. Also, it's just really, really adorable.

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There are some designs - the table, the shelf, the chair - that has been reinvented again and again throughout history's various movements of industrial design. In this particular recreation, Tschus Studio has forced users to really interact with the furniture they're using. Interesting approach - but perhaps not the most comfortable.

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Friday, 23 November 2012 22:08

School Desk, Redux

Remember when you were in school? You'd scribble down musings on Shakespeare, Monet and the Old Testament in your notebook, while Mrs. Beauchamp would stand behind you, judging the length of your skirt and slapping your hand with a ruler? Well I don't, because I wasn't a schoolgirl in nineteenth century Paris and neither were you. Have no fear -- now you can be. This slick, gorgeous schooldesk was created by French designer Julie Arrive for Singularite and brings back memories of the idyllic European school experience you never had. Sign me up.
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Friday, 23 November 2012 19:04

Wrapped Up in Writing: The Bookshelf Chair


Sick of your generic, upright, ikea-made wooden bookshelves? I know I am. 

Introducing the Boekenwurm; designed by Dutch firm Atelier 010, this innovative bookcase chair allows you to curl up with all your favorite literature.

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