The Shifty-eyed Lamp is not a new and radical yoga position. It's actually a lamp, designed by Los Angeles artist Steven Harrington. As a designer, Harrington likes to focus on the physics of balance. With his "Remain in Balance" lamp, he seeks to help us invite a sense of calm into our dark and crazy lifestyles. Harrington describes his quirky, totem-like creations as representing "the harmony we seek in our daily lives". Of course, they also represents the needs of people who want some light in the evenings.

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Thursday, 14 March 2013 15:27

All in One: Matthew Pauk's Slot Sofa


Another great design to make us hate our furniture: the Slot Sofa by Matthew Pauk. This stylish and sensible sofa is a modular creation that neatly allows a coffee table to be stored inside. When it's time to party, the table comes out and the gap in the middle is replaced with a comfortable pillow, with the extra pillows available for additional seating. This sofa is the most functional and diverse piece of furniture you don't own. It's design is derived from the functions of both sofas and ottomans. Makes you wonder why you bought that corn-based ikea couch, doesn't it?

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The Gravity Balans may not be spelled correctly, but its heart is in the right place and yours will be too. This high-tech new chair by Peter Opsvik and Hans Chr. Mengshoel is an ergonomic dream. When leaning back on the Balans, your legs are elevated above your heart and the chair rocks to your breathing rhythm. When you need to sit up, the chair leans forward. The many ways of resting on the Balans all allow for a feeling of weightlessness and utmost comfort. Gravity Balans is available in several colors so your interior decorater will be comfortable too. 

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photo-mainJames McBennett has assembled one piece of lousy, cheaply-made furniture too many. As a designer, he believes humankind can do better than the wood-and-steel meat market that is ikea. He's designed This Stool Rocks - a beautifully crafted, simple and easy to assemble rocking chair. The chair is available in three rocking modes: hard, soft and easy. McBennett has chair-building hook ups all over the globe (well, in London, Dublin, San Francisco and New York) who can make the chair locally and send it your way. Support his goal on Kickstarter!

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You may not always be able to rely on your roommate to answer the phone when you're locked out. But you can always rely on Rely. Initially designed for natural disaster victims, the Rely "refugee kit" is a transportable, high-tech sleeping bag. Inside Rely, you'll find water, a lighting tool, a stool, toiletries, tableware and a Samsung Galaxy S 4 (minus that last one). You may have successfully avoided natural disasters up to this point, but you never know when a simple night out will turn sour and result in you needing to stay the night in a 24 hour Walgreens. Just make sure you've got your Rely.

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Friday, 01 March 2013 17:35

Table & Tennis: All Work and All Play


Table & Tennis is officially the only workspace you'll ever need. Not only is it a beautiful hardwood table for all of your work meetings and international conference calls, but it also becomes a ping pong table in moments flat. Who doesn't love multifunctional furniture? Think of all the major business deals you'll land when you end meetings with a friendly but intense game of table tennis. It's decided – you need it.

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If you have an apartment that is too small to fit clothes in, you probably also don't have too many clothes. This minimal rack condemns coat-shoe segregation and allows you to keep all manner of things by the door. The elegant design is freestanding and moveable, so if you're running late and can't choose what to wear, you can pick up the rack and take options to work. It has a fold down space for hanging things, as you can see, and unless you knock it over in a drunken madness, it will do nothing but improve your life. Designed by Alexander Schmied.

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Thursday, 21 February 2013 16:12

Split Personality: The Convertible Sofa Table


You've guessed by now that this convertible sofa can act both as a coffee table and couch. This piece of space-efficient cuteness was designed by Julia Kononenko to provide people with options for their living rooms. The interior pillows can be taken out and used as stools while having a quick spot of tea with your friends and then flipped into couch mode if you want to lie down and calm yourself from all the caffeine. Then, when it's time for your friends to leave, just slam the lid down. They'll get the message.

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Tuesday, 19 February 2013 22:41

Franken-furniture, Alive With Repurpose


The following items may look like machines from a Tim Burton movie, but they are actually cleverly repurposed pieces of furniture that have been allowed to evolve past their original use. If you're a fan of DIY projects, you might be able to wrangle yourself an oven lounge (below). Why have a garage sale when you can build your own chimera-inspired furniture?

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Furniture designers everywhere, drop your pencils. Go home. The world's most functional, streamlined desk has been created. Tomas Kral's Homework Station is an Ash Wood table with an aluminum gutter around the edges for storage. The desk does not sacrifice leg space for a little column of cabinets. Neither does it have shelves that tower above it, making it look unstable and uneven (I'm looking at you, Ikea). Kral has truly imagined the most convenient way to keep stationary, paper, files and books close to your work surface without taking up space you otherwise need.

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