Norwegian design team Angell, Wyller & Aarseth created this beautifully modest prototype chair, designed to help you maximize your furniture's storage capacity. The best thing about it though, is how simple and elegant the chair is, in the way that Norwegian furniture always seems to be. The twin pockets on the side are nice and large, allowing lots of storage space.

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The Bouroullec brothers, Ronan and Erwan are designers and interior decorators with an acute sense for unusual uses of materials. Their famed exhibit, Textile Field, is so delicately made that in order to see it in person, you must walk around the gallery in your socks. Textile Field and other intricate creations will be featured at Les Arts Decoratif in Paris in a dedicated retrospective show, from now until September 1.

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The awesome Fusillo bookshelves from And Vice Versa are comprised of modular elements that you can twist and turn to your own literary or storage-based needs. Each module rotates from a central axis point to provide support, and you can combine them however you like. 

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Studio Swine traveled to São Paulo, a city with an excellent recycling program, to create something beautiful and useful from the city's excess materials. These glass bottles have been reblown to form new shapes that serve as a nod to Brazil's tropical Modernism trend of the 1950s, rendering this cool series of cactus lamps.

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Naoki Ono of YOY design firm presents Canvas, the furniture that you can hang from the wall! At first glance I thought the model was just leaning on a well-positioned painting, but Canvas is actually 3D and functional. I'm not sure though, if you have to be as petite as this model or if Canvas will actually seat the rest of us...

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Saturday, 13 April 2013 11:50

Chapeau Light for Flos by Philippe Starck


Designed by Philippe Starck, the Chapeau Light for Flos is a clever table lamp which allows you to use anything as a lampshade to diffuse the LED array. Starck might prefer a hat, but why stop there? I see lots of possibilities here for customization and garage sale hunting.

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013 02:04

Hang Out at Home: The Cacoon Swing Chair


If one of your major gripes about adulthood is that it's become harder and less socially acceptable to enjoy a good set of swings, join the club. As a kid, I liked nothing more than to lose myself in a good swing session. As an adult, I often wonder if I could pretend to be nine years old and bully my way to my chosen swingset. For all you likeminded swingers, there's the Cacoon swing chair. Part teepee, part swing, this beautiful creation can be installed within the privacy of your own property, whether in the garden or living room, where you're welcome to swing away. You can purchase the Cacoon in a single or double, depending on whether you feel like sharing.

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If your understanding of engineering is limited to what you've learned from Tetris, take a second to pat yourself on the back. Thanks to the modular furniture of Tetran, you can now refer to your Tetris expertise as a "specialized skill set. The company comes to you from Ruke, a child of the 80s who grew up on Transformers and Legos, and Matt, a young attorney who shared Ruke's love of Minecrafting in real life. Their brainchild, Tetran Infinite Living Systems, is like IKEA with tons more hackability. Scroll down to get familiar and inspired. 

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Your mind might not automatically spring to our good friends in Scandinavia when you think about perfect design and stunning architecture. It does? Well... good for you. In any case, Northern Delights is a beautiful new addition to your coffee table. It is a hardcover portfolio of some of the nicest homes and ideas in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. From modern interior design to quirky furniture and high quality photography, this book is just what you need to impress your friends who still won't shut up about Le Corbusier. Edited by Swedish design guru and blogger Emma Fexeus.

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Liking what you see above? Well, you'll never get your hands on one because the point of Loose Joints furniture is that each piece is different. Like a Lego kit for adults, Loose Joints allows you to construct anything you own into a one-of-a-kind creation for your home. The idea was designed by Joscha Weiand to be a fun activity with a modular result. Create something that you can proudly (or embarrassingly) claim as your own.

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