Eating certain types of food can get boring, but playing with it never does. Brazilian artist Vanessa Dualib has made a name for herself with her creative and playful food art. To her, aubergines are whales, cauliflower is sheep and kiwis are, well, kiwis. Below is just a glimpse of her vast collection of sweet organic creatures.

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Thursday, 28 February 2013 17:15

Beyond the Fruit Basket: Watermelon Art!



I'm sick of pumpkins getting all the attention. Watermelons are mushy and carve-able too, so let's celebrate this green and glorious summer fruit by looking at some incredible Watermelon sculptures.

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I was once on the subway when a young man came up to me and showed me his basket. It was full of baguettes. He told me that Dean and Deluca give away all their freshly-baked bread at the end of each day and that if you line up in the alley, you can take it. When I left the carriage and the train continued past the bridge, I thought somebody in Queens is about to have one heck of a party. After seeing this Baguette Table made by Studio Rygalik to discuss food waste, an idea struck me. Dean and Deluca? Meet Studio Rygalik. Rygalik, Deluca. Let's make more edible things into furniture.

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You may mysteriously have a lot of free time every morning. You may also have a deep, unsettling urge to make art as often and in as many places as possible. If so, then a much needed addition to your kitchen is the Sunnyside Egg Mold: not named after the place in Queens. From Sunflowers to Starry Night, you can recreate any artistic masterpiece as long as it includes some sun-shaped thing.

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This is the story of the universe and its components, but it's told through animated food, which is in essence what keeps us alive - woah. Watch Encyclopedia Pictura's short motion piece "Micro Macro" below.


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German artist Sarah Illenberger is a Berlin-based queen of Arts and Crafts. She does not create food art, but rather, uses the simple and amusing shapes of food as inspiration for her work. Her creations are varied in theme but always share her playful, abstract view of the world and commissions from clients like Wallpaper and Nike means the world is playing along with her style.

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Friday, 14 December 2012 20:06

Super Mario Bento Box

Super-Mario-Bento-Box-TutorialIf you grew up playing Mario Bros. and if you also had the urge to eat him, this is the perfect lunchtime project for you. This instructional video will give you a step by step guide of how to recreate this bento box. And remember, you have three tries to get it right or it's game over.


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When you think of the love affair between Europeans and good food, you don't picture this. Barcelona-based designers Ana Dominguez and Omar Sosa must have been pretty bored at a family dinner when they came up with this - yes - bread towers. I'm not sure if their intention was to give viewers the gift of instant hunger with these marveling sculptures but if so, it's worked on me. This series of physics-defying photos are a food network show's dream - and a glimpse of what you too could have achieved if you'd ignored your mother's warnings to not play with your food.

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