If you've got an insatiable desire to furnish your home but you can't quite match the interior decor you saw on Friends (AKA the show that gave all 20-somethings horribly unrealistic expectations of NYC apartments), consider going the more disposable route. If you're not particularly concerned with what your mother will say when she sees that your entire place is furnished in what is essentially thick paper, then good for you! You're free to consider so many more cool and environmentally friendly options, including pet beds, rocking chairs, and office spaces, all built from cardboard. If you're extremely adept at DIY projects, I imagine that you could build a few of these pieces yourself, but know your limits, and be careful with those X-Acto knives.

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Thursday, 28 February 2013 21:08

Messages, The Slow Way: Cardboard Plotter


This is either a prop from Michel Gondry's next film or a very strong reaction to the ease with which we can now send texts, emails and tweets. The cardboard plotter is modeled after the output device that used to be used in aiding computer design. The model was made completely out of cardboard, adhesives and nostalgia for defunct tools.

Video by the crafty Niklas Roy.

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Thursday, 08 November 2012 02:46

Daniel Agdag--Paper City Architect

Sculptor Daniel Agdag focuses on details and demands both logic and beauty from his creations. His thoughts are filled with intricate machines, vehicles, and buildings. He realizes his visions in cardboard, and on film. His most recent exhibition is Sets From a Film I'll Never Make.

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