Do you remember being taken on holiday by your parents? They promised it'd be fun, they swore you could go shopping, they said it'd be beautiful. You arrived there only to grow slowly more frustrated at their constant presence. This particular personal experience of mine must be why architects UdA created the "Fun House." Located in Juan-les-Pins, France, this sea-facing apartment is divided into separate rooms for all the kids to enjoy. The bedrooms were built inside the living room, with makeshift walls of colorful slats. This allows for a new generation of traveling children to finally be able to slide into privacy and away from their crazy shell-collecting dads.

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Thursday, 20 December 2012 20:46

An Education Built on Cubes: World's Best Dorm


With the state of higher education being what it is these days - enormous loans and graduating in bad economy, vague degrees and their questionable necessity, peer pressure to fit in with your generation - oh my god, forget I said anything, this is a building made of cubes. The Tietgen Student Hall in Copenhagen, Denmark is a circular platform for fun, frolics and intelligent living, set to inspire the youths of today to study, socialize and spy on the girl across the circle.

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Eran Chen is the creative director of ODA, a prominent architecture firm based in New York City. ODA's mission of improving people's lives is attracting more clients and bigger projects. 

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This is a campaign for the Stiftung Berliner Harmoniker (the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra), photographed by Mierswa and Kluska and developed by art director Björn Ewers. It's easy to get lost in these images of the insides of instruments, which look like a cross between the Matrix and the coolest attic you could imagine.

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012 21:15

A Skyline in Your Hands


"The Skyline Cup lets you wake up and have your coffee with the city that never sleeps."

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