Happy birthday Margot Fonteyn!


Margot Fonteyn (May 18, 1919 – February 21, 1991) was an English ballerina and the Prima Ballerina Assoluta of the Royal Ballet. Some of her most notable performances include Les Sylphides, Swan Lake, Ondine, and Giselle.

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Ed Flores calls himself a "movement photographer." His unique style captures both the artistry and the physical exertion of dance. We spoke with him about his inspiration and technique.

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"Even on the street waiting for the bus, stand like ballerina."

Happy Birthday, Maria Tallchief!


MariaTallchief2jpgElizabeth Marie Tallchief is a Native American Ballerina who was born in Fairfax, Oklahoma on January 24th, 1925. From an early age, Maria Tallchief (or Betty Marie, as her parents called her) was interested in dancing. She describes her childhood self as being "shy, docile and introverted." She enjoyed nothing more than running around outdoors and playing with animals. She was enamored of music from the age of three. When she was eight, her family moved to Beverley Hills, where Marie could pursue her passion: a career in dance.

In Los Angeles, Maria studied with choreographer Bronislava Nijinska, who taught her a personal philosophy and discipline: "When you sleep, sleep like a ballerina. Even on the street waiting for the bus, stand like ballerina." The lesson resonated with Maria, who took the advice to heart.

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george_balanchineHappy Birthday George Balanchine!

Giorgi Melitonovitch Balanchivadze (January 22, 1904 – April 30, 1983) was a prolific choreographer, developer of ballet in the United States, and and the co-founder and balletmaster of the New York City Ballet. Balanchine's works are noted for their incredible musicality and thoughtful incorporation of many different art forms. Balanchine's most frequent collaborator was the composer Igor Stravinsky, whose music is incorporated into 39 of his more than 400 ballets. Balanchine also worked with composers Claude Debussy and Darius Milhaud, while the sets and costumes of his ballets have been designed by artists like Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. Upon his arrival to the United States, Balanchine established the School of American Ballet, which remains one of the most highly regarded ballet schools in the world.

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The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky


Watch a magnificent performance of The Nutcracker, by the Russian Ballet Company.

And here is another Nutcracker gem from Russia

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Dangerous Beauty: The Ballerina Stunt For Volvo


Highliner Faith Dickey attempts an absolutely terrifying, death-defying stunt for Volvo because everyone has lost their minds. File this under things I will never ever, ever, ever, ever do.

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Le Vent: Motion in Slow Motion


In Le vent, photographer Simon Iannelli, captures a series of several ballet jumps captured at 1000 frames per second. The resulting images are a beautiful examination that turns dancing into a means of flight.

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