Using pop art illustrations from design team Craig & Karl, a photoshoot for Vogue Nippon (that's Japan) got artfully animated in a way that reminds us that fashion can be fun, even if haute couture isn't really your thing.  Lacey and Andrew Gallimore dreamed up the series, which reminds me – I wonder if the model below is sleeping.

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To promote three of Shakespeare's plays, the students at Pratt Institute have designed these cool statistical representations of each play: Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and A Midsummer Night's Dream. Mathematics and language arts belong together, as it turns out. The posters (12x18) are available for sale through Nicholas Weltyk

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Friday, 29 March 2013 03:46

Shadow Art Sculptures by Diet Wiegman


Dutch artist Diet Wiegman relies on lighting to render multi-dimensional sculptures that are twice as revealing when you look at the shadow on the wall. Robots become men, rings become orbs, a plate becomes a continent, and one particular creation becomes Michael Jackson.

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Igor Morski is an illustrator from Poland whose surreal artwork unnerved me so much at one in the morning that I had to wait until daylight to do this post. Much of Morski's work focuses on a decadent interpretation of nature, while the rest features a series of startling "portraits" that might make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

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Alexey Menschikov is a Russian street artist with an incredible flair – for the very subtle. Menschikov incorporates the environment, from cracks in the sidewalks to luckily-placed shadows, into his public art. The results are rather charming, and will definitely make you pay a little more attention to your own surroundings. 

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013 14:07

3D Graffiti and Paintings by Peeta


Manuel Di Rita, known as Peeta, is a graffiti artist and sculptor who brings public art to a whole new level, or should I say dimension? Peeta's work turns masterful shading and color technique into three-dimensional art, which appear in many public spaces around Europe. You can see more of his work at the Ayden Gallery and on Peeta's Flickr.

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Learn to bake

If you've never dabbled in the extensive world of DIY, the time is now. Thanks to, the internet is now your very own educational database, on everything from baking, painting, electrical engineering, camping, beekeeping (really) to the hard sciences. If you've ever wanted to try building your very own Rube Goldberg machine, there are no more excuses! Other things you can learn to do include woodworking, foraging for food in the wild, building your own instruments, playing new instruments, and building an awesome fort. There's an app version so you can keep track of your progress on your iPhone, if you want to, and you can earn badges for each completed project, which might satisfy the inner nature scout in you. There are no sashes involved, but you'll get tons of imaginary internet points. The whole DIY database is truly exhaustive and worth looking at. Here is just a tiny sample of some of the things you can learn. 

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No matter how many posters or framed pictures you have hanging in your home, I bet you've never looked forward to finding the right frame for each one, because it's terribly annoying. Who among us has time to measure their artwork or vacation pictures? Anyway let's not, because it's silly to waste all that time when there's OpenFrame, a Kickstarter project from project designers Jeff Sheldon and Matthew Smith. OpenFrame utilized small, strong magnets to hold up the pictures, so you never again have to pierce into a beloved photo, or put any weird dents into it. OpenFrame comes in several different sizes and ordering options.

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This clever piece of advertising is for the London Book Club, which hopes to entice the artistically curious to join the LBC's life-drawing classes with a stop-motion video. Watch the video to see a naked woman dancing, and see if you get inspired to dabble in drawing.

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These bookish sculptures are from Luciana Frigerio, and are made with recycled books that still have lots of love to give. The Vermont-based artist also has an Etsy shop where you can browse through her pre-made lettering, or order custom messages. One scholarly fellow even commissioned Luciana to help him propose to his girlfriend, which you can see below.

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