Tuesday, 14 May 2013 13:53

Incredible Street Art By Wes21


Swiss artist Remo Lienhard, or Wes21, is a global street artist who specializes in painting dystopian scenarios originating in a sense of moral decay and conspicuous consumption. Common subjects include gluttony, intense militarization of society, and the inattentiveness of the majority of humanity to curb these habits. You can take from his work what you will, but public art inherently doubles as social commentary. Wes21 belongs to a larger cooperative of street artists, known as Schwarzmaler.

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James Gulliver Hancock is an Australian–turned–New Yorker who has set about to draw every building in New York City, a truly daunting, but extremely intriguing task. James keeps track of his illustrated census on his beautifully maintained website, All The Buildings In New York. His work has been turned into a book, All The Buildings In New York (That I've Drawn So Far). The really cool part of James' site is that you can search for illustrated structures by both borough and building type.

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Tuesday, 07 May 2013 23:57

Historical Figures in Present Day


What would Queen Elizabeth I look like in 2013? Aside from exactly like Cate Blanchett, the answer is above. Historian Suzanne Lipscomb led a team of artists in rendering what a few major historical figures would look like in present day, preserving their personalities. Red hair, it turns out, time-travels well.

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Tom Bendtsen uses books as individual strokes or pixels, sculpting enormous towers from 10,000 literary sources. His resulting work, Conversations, looks like the reading nook I've always wanted.

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Designer and illustrator Si Scott, whose portfolio includes work for Dove, Coca Cola, and Nike, drew these intricate wildlife creatures by hand. Using pen and ink, Scott created a set of seriously in depth creatures. Check out Scott's Facebook page, which has more details of his creative process.

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Naoki Ono of YOY design firm presents Canvas, the furniture that you can hang from the wall! At first glance I thought the model was just leaning on a well-positioned painting, but Canvas is actually 3D and functional. I'm not sure though, if you have to be as petite as this model or if Canvas will actually seat the rest of us...

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George Petty (April 27, 1894 – July 21, 1975) was an American pin-up artist. Influenced by his photographer father, Petty grew up to design posters for many magazines, films, wartime propaganda, calendars, and other materials. He is most famous for his series "The Petty Girl," which he produced for Esquire magazine. His illustrations portrayed voluptuous and sensual caricatures of women.

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Saturday, 13 April 2013 11:30

Sky Art by Thomas Lamadieu


At first glance, I looked at these illustrations by Thomas Lamadieu and thought, "How does someone draw in the sky? Is he a wizard?" It turns out, the artist first takes photographs of the sky and fills them in later, which is less wizardly, but still pretty cool.

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Is there anything Legos can't do? As a diehard fan of them since childhood, I'm pretty sure the answer is no. And now, someone has made the everyman's (everykid's?) classic toy and indicator of future architectural genius, into an elegant chandelier. Tobias Tostesen, designer of this beautiful light fixture, knows how much more interesting Lego bricks are than some fussy pieces of crystal. You're moving up in the world, Lego. 

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Andrew Myers might be the most patient person on the planet. The dedicated artist drilled 6,500 scews into a panel to bring forth this button-down shirt, drilling to different depths by instinct, to create the 3D effect. You may have seen Andrew's work before, in an incredible series of portraits composed of screws. Myers is also an accomplished sculptor and painter, because of course he is. 

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