The awesome Fusillo bookshelves from And Vice Versa are comprised of modular elements that you can twist and turn to your own literary or storage-based needs. Each module rotates from a central axis point to provide support, and you can combine them however you like. 

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The Brown Residence by Lake|Flato Architects is located in the Arizona desert, and the home's earthy palette makes it the perfect sunbaked living space. The Brown Residence is protected from the sun's harshest rays with broad overhangs that provide welcome shade.

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Architect Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez took on the small attic and turned it into several layers of space by building by establishing levels to each room. Architectural nooks and crannies abound, turning what would be a very limited living space into an expansive home. 

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Studio Swine traveled to São Paulo, a city with an excellent recycling program, to create something beautiful and useful from the city's excess materials. These glass bottles have been reblown to form new shapes that serve as a nod to Brazil's tropical Modernism trend of the 1950s, rendering this cool series of cactus lamps.

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Wednesday, 01 May 2013 00:45

Mountain Retreat by Fearon Hay Architects


From Fearon Hay Architects:

"Mountain Retreat is a small structure set within a high country station, adjacent Lake Wakatipu, Central Otago. The colours and textures of the cladding integrate the building into the gravel tracks, exposed rock faces and scree slopes of the alpine environment. The architecture seeks to be a subtle insertion in the alpine landscape. The internal environment is both muscular and refined, referencing the toughness of the environment while providing comfort required for a retreat in the mountains."

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Loft + Rio, designed by Luiz Fernando Grabowsky hosted the 2012 Casa Cor architectural event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The space was originally a hotel and nurses' university in Flamengo.

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Old New York on the outside and modern Manhattan on the inside, this 5th Street studio is big and bright, with lots of lovely wood accents and family-oriented seating arrangements. I don't know who gets to live here, but I bet Diane Keaton could walk in and know exactly where everything was. 

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013 00:05

Crown House by 81.WAW.PL


Conceptualized by Michal Novak and designed by 81.WAW.PL architecture firm, this waterfront home is shaped like a crown, and built with sharp edges in mind. The bright white exterior contrasts beautifully with the dark waters surrounding the property.

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Overlooking the city of Victoria, Australia, the Coppin Penthouse is a testament to luxurious living. Sleek lines dominate as the simple aesthetic the penthouse seems to prefer, as if the whole thing were built to morph into one specific shape (of your dream home). Most importantly though, imagine all the parties you could host in this setting! In fact, I bet that's part of the contract to live in the penthouse.

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Copenhagen-based architecture firm CEBRA submitted this conceptual renovation for the new church of Valer, a small town in Norway where the first church burned down in 2009. The new design is flooded with natural light and graceful angles that direct your gaze upward, which is perfect for this place of spiritual contemplation.

 From CEBRA: When the cross shape is tilted and the church's roof forms a sloping plane, the building volume appears as a stairwell or a pictorial metaphor for the stairway to heaven. Light is a fundamental element in our proposal - both in the plan layout and the orientation of the church and as a spacial and atmospheric medium for artistic expression. The church is orientated in such a way that it uses light - internally as well as externally - for the staging of cultural and chruch events.

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