Tuesday, 04 December 2012 21:07

Living on a Prayer: The God Loft


What if God was an interior designer with a quirky loft? Then perhaps he could have made the world in less than seven days, and maximized his weekend to do his laundry or play Nintendo Wii or whatever. Innovative architects Leijh, Kappelhof, Seckel and Van Den Dobbelsteen transformed this quaint little church into a trendy, space-efficient loft in the town of Haarlo, Netherlands. Their project was based on the simple concept of stripping, isolating and furnishing - all relying on limited materials and an organized plan. True to it's origins, the loft is a symbol of simplicity, creativity and comfort.

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On The Office, Jim converts the garage of his newly–purchased home into a sunny art studio for Pam. Maybe no one loves you that much, or maybe you've got, you know, cars to put in there. Or maybe you're an adult who never quite gave up the dream of having your own treehouse. If so, these pre-fabricated backyard spaces from a bunch of different design firms are the perfect solution for you.

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Sure, we all like the idea of camping. But when you get to the great outdoors, a beautiful snowy landscape can turn into a pneumonia-inducing hell. Architect Giovanni D'Ambrosio has built this idyllic glass getaway in Mount Hotham, Australia - the perfect dream for nature psuedo-lovers. The house is poetically named "Under the Moonlight House".

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012 20:05

4 ft. Keret Gold: The World's Thinnest House


Part-residence, part-art installation, Poland's "Keret House" has opened after three years of construction, becoming home to Israeli writer Etgar Keret. The building was inserted between two houses on Chlodna Street in Warsaw, after architect Jakub Szczesny of Centrala was inspired by the juxtaposition of their pre- and post-war origins.

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Sunday, 25 November 2012 16:08

Hill Country Modern by Jauregui Architects


A beautiful country-modern bedroom!

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Zaha Hadid is an architect and designer whose sly manipulation of acrylic material challenges the viewer's understanding of depth and movement. "Kaleidoscopic refractions" create a complex and seemingly impossible structure, rippling through the air even as it stands still.

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012 21:15

A Skyline in Your Hands


"The Skyline Cup lets you wake up and have your coffee with the city that never sleeps."

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Sunday, 18 November 2012 21:25

Grangegorman Residence by ODOS Architects


ODOS architects: "Whilst befitting the scale and character of it's urban context, this metallic house for a motor-cycle enthusiast challenges those preconceived typologies of traditional terraced housing."

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The Dumbo Clock Tower, represented by Two Trees Management Company, is one of the most astounding penthouse apartments in New York City. The building had been a factory since 1914 and was remodelled into condominiums before going on the market in 2009. The asking price was a mere $25 million dollars.

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Wednesday, 14 November 2012 14:19

House-Lamp by Lauren Daley


"House-Lamp is a hand crafted, architecturally inspired luminary... beautiful by day and magical at night."

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