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The New Land Yacht by Airstream


I'm not sure when it came to pass, but it's a truth as old as time: You haven't really made it until you own a boat. Noah's ark made him the most influential man on Earth, and some years later, The Lonely Island solidified the fact with their digital short, "I'm on A Boat." You're just not at the top of the food chain until you've transformed from human to amphibian. Them's the rules.

This fact hasn't been lost on Airstream, the country's oldest maker of recreational trailer vehicles. As a part homage to the amphibious life, and part show-and-tell just because they can, Airstream has unveiled their newest concept trailer, the Land Yacht. The exterior harkens back to Airstream's classic "silver bullet" design, but the inside looks like a luxury yacht, complete with boat-deck flooring and a galley.

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Design studio ixdesign has completely remodeled this formerly run of the mill 1,050 square foot loft in New York City, into a beautiful and spacious oasis from the mean streets of New York.

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Ayumi Nakanishi for The New York Times

In the Atami mountainside of Japan, this sleekly-designed crescent house has a lot to offer, and it that includes panoramic views of Mt. Fuji. For a cool 2.2 million (180 million yen), the moon on the mountain can be yours.

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The beauty of painting is the ability to create anything that comes to mind, regardless of if it could happen in real life and not limited to the technical and budgetary constraints of installations, exhibits or films. But in the case of Rob Sato, I could not be happier that these landscapes of architectural chaos aren't real. His works are destructive and beautiful, putting deconstructed buildings out of context as they float around in air like some sort of lego nightmare.

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These reinvented traveling caravans from Swiss design firm Bureau A are the answer to your un-stifled childhood whims of being a wandering gypsy and making your home on the road, perhaps decked out in gauzy skirts and gold bangles, à la Esmeralda.

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Have you heard of a small town called Gifu in Japan? Their decreasing population and increasing land space is about to be turned around. Savvy architecture geniuses Daiken-Met have changed some shipping containers into a smartly shaped office-cube building named "The Sugoroku" in hopes of bringing life and work back into the city.

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Thursday, 27 December 2012 15:19

Add A House To Your House: Garage Supreme


What housing crash? Everyone I know has at least four homes and six spare rooms. Like these people in Portland, who had their garage renovated into its own living space. A collaboration between vision-driven PATH Architecture, Phloem Studio and Earthbound Industries who designed the custom-made furniture, the Laurelhurst Studio garage has become the envy of all other garages.

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Thursday, 20 December 2012 20:46

An Education Built on Cubes: World's Best Dorm


With the state of higher education being what it is these days - enormous loans and graduating in bad economy, vague degrees and their questionable necessity, peer pressure to fit in with your generation - oh my god, forget I said anything, this is a building made of cubes. The Tietgen Student Hall in Copenhagen, Denmark is a circular platform for fun, frolics and intelligent living, set to inspire the youths of today to study, socialize and spy on the girl across the circle.

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Eran Chen is the creative director of ODA, a prominent architecture firm based in New York City. ODA's mission of improving people's lives is attracting more clients and bigger projects. 

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