Happy Birthday, Thomas Fearnley!

fearnleyThomas Fearnley (December 27 1802 – January 16 1842) was a Norwegian romantic painter whose work has become deeply intertwined with the spirit of Norwegian nationalism. Fearnley's work was often commissioned by the royal family of Norway, and later the royal family of Sweden. Fearnley's son, also named Thomas, was a shipping magnate whose business continues to run today.

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Terje Rypdal uses a cane to climb the stairs onto the stage at Le Poisson Rouge, for a rare concert in New York City. The crowd cheers and he waves his cane in recognition. He sits down, picks up his red Fender Stratocaster, and proceeds to unleash a barrage of color.

"When I have a really good guitar sound—like in New York--it sort of opens up and there is some brightness shining and colors."

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