Evolution, Mother Nature or some kind of God may be responsible for designing all the beautiful animals in the world but British illustrator Alan Dalby has taken credit. His bold and colorful drawings of members from the Animal Kingdom show a great respect and appreciation for the weird and wonderful creatures we share the Earth with. Dalby's successful prints have themselves evolved into pillows, iPhone cases and more in his online shop. Such is nature.

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Behold: the work of graphic designer and illustrator Aron Vellekoop León. Mr. León has a love for bold primary colors and isn't afraid to show it. His illustrations defy the rules of modern day graphic design, instead taking inspiration from mid-century print techniques. León lives and works in the Netherlands, where he spends his days funneling geometry and abstract storytelling into high quality work that has caught the attention of clients worldwide.

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Happy Birthday, Chris Ware!


The artist, who has described his own face as "an uncooked ham with glasses". (Via

Franklin Christenson Ware (December 28, 1967) is an American comic book artist and illustrator best known for his Acme Novelty Library series and the graphic novel Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth. Ware's style employs precise, geometric layouts but he almost exclusively employs manual tools and methods. His work explores themes of social isolation, depression, social commentary, and emotional struggle, and has been praised by fellow illustrators and authors alike, including Dave Eggers, David Sedaris, Matt Groening, Zadie Smith, and others.

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Happy Birthday, Johnny Gruelle!

gruelleJohnny Gruelle (December 24, 1880 - January 9, 1938) was an American artist, political artist, and children's book author and illustrator. Gruelle was the creator of Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy, around whom Gruelle created a series of children's stories and songs.

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The work of illustrator Jay Fleck is bold, beautiful and bursting with imaginings of faraway lands and fantasy playgrounds. His graphics are universal and full of heart: inspired by the literature of his childhood and the supportive internet communities of today. Jay Fleck talks to us about his designs, his process, and his own youngsters.

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One of the rules of the parent–child relationship is that the child is going to say and weird things which the parent then gets to exploit for a funny story. When the child grows up and becomes a parent, the cycle continues. Kids are weird, all the time. Them's the rules.

Nathan Ripperger is a designer, illustrator, and parent whose kids have said enough weird stuff to him that he decided to capitalize it. "Things I've Said to My Children" is a series of the best and strangest things that Nathan has had to say to his children, who seem like they know how to have fun.

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