Happy Birthday, Mia Farrow!


Mia Farrow (born February 9th, 1945) is an American film actress, humanitarian, political activist and mother of fifteen children, both biological and adopted. Farrow starred in many great roles over the course of her life. These included Rosemary's Baby (1968), Secret Ceremony (1968), John and Mary (1969), Follow Me (1972), The Great Gatsby (1974), The Omen (2006), Be Kind Rewind (2008) and Luc Besson's Arthur Series (2006-2010). Farrow was in a relationship with film director Woody Allen for several years, during which she was a star in many of his films. These credits include Zelig (1983), Broadway Danny Rose (1984), The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985), Hannah and Her Sisters (1986), Radio Days (1987) and Alice (1990). She is a Goodwill Ambassador at UNICEF and a firm believer in children's rights. As well as this, Farrow campaigned for "Dream for Darfur", narrated a documentary about Rwandan genocide and testified against the former Liberian President. Farrow's involvement with countless charities and campaigns has led her to be named as one of the world's most influential people.

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Happy Birthday, James Dean.

"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today."


James Byron Dean (February 8th, 1931 - September 30th, 1955) was an American actor best known for his lead role in the film Rebel Without A Cause (1955). James Dean became an icon and legend in popular culture. His portrayal of the "disillusioned teenager" struck young people nationwide and he is used to exemplify the "teen rebel" figure to this day. Dean was also a lead actor in the films East of Eden (1955) and Giant (1956), the latter earning him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. James Dean died in a car crash at the young age of 24. This tragic accident would forever cement his name as one of Hollywood's most mysterious and loved stars.

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Happy birthday Clark Gable!

William Clark Gable (February 1, 1901 – November 16, 1960) was an American film actor whose outstanding film career earned him the moniker The King of Hollywood. He is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Rhett Butler in the 1939 film Gone With the Wind, opposite Vivien Leigh. In what became the final screen appearance for each, Gable appeared with Marilyn Monroe in The Misfits, in 1961. Below, a list of interesting facts about the screen legend in honor of his birthday:

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