Tuesday, 09 April 2013 22:50

The Quiet City: Winter in Paris


Paris won't ever not be Paris, but even the City of Lights needs a chance to rest a while. Andrew Julian recently visited France in the winter and was pleasantly surprised to find that the energy was quite different from the bustling city of the summer. Julian filmed his visit in timelapse so you too can experience Paris when it's quiet.

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Your mind might not automatically spring to our good friends in Scandinavia when you think about perfect design and stunning architecture. It does? Well... good for you. In any case, Northern Delights is a beautiful new addition to your coffee table. It is a hardcover portfolio of some of the nicest homes and ideas in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. From modern interior design to quirky furniture and high quality photography, this book is just what you need to impress your friends who still won't shut up about Le Corbusier. Edited by Swedish design guru and blogger Emma Fexeus.

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The new football stadium of FC Bate in Belarus is designed to meet the international standards of the Union of European Football Associations. Currently under construction by Ljubljana-based architect firm OFIS, the stadium will seat 13,000 and is somewhat reminiscent of China's Bird's Nest, designed for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

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We are big fans of anything tilt-shifted here. The smaller, the better. This adorable video by Efim Graboy and Daria Turetski was shot over five days and two nights, and consists of over 4,500 frames to bring you the town of Kiev in it's cutest ever form. Check out the short film below:

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When you think of the love affair between Europeans and good food, you don't picture this. Barcelona-based designers Ana Dominguez and Omar Sosa must have been pretty bored at a family dinner when they came up with this - yes - bread towers. I'm not sure if their intention was to give viewers the gift of instant hunger with these marveling sculptures but if so, it's worked on me. This series of physics-defying photos are a food network show's dream - and a glimpse of what you too could have achieved if you'd ignored your mother's warnings to not play with your food.

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