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Crown House by 81.WAW.PL


Conceptualized by Michal Novak and designed by 81.WAW.PL architecture firm, this waterfront home is shaped like a crown, and built with sharp edges in mind. The bright white exterior contrasts beautifully with the dark waters surrounding the property.

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Overlooking the city of Victoria, Australia, the Coppin Penthouse is a testament to luxurious living. Sleek lines dominate as the simple aesthetic the penthouse seems to prefer, as if the whole thing were built to morph into one specific shape (of your dream home). Most importantly though, imagine all the parties you could host in this setting! In fact, I bet that's part of the contract to live in the penthouse.

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Copenhagen-based architecture firm CEBRA submitted this conceptual renovation for the new church of Valer, a small town in Norway where the first church burned down in 2009. The new design is flooded with natural light and graceful angles that direct your gaze upward, which is perfect for this place of spiritual contemplation.

 From CEBRA: When the cross shape is tilted and the church's roof forms a sloping plane, the building volume appears as a stairwell or a pictorial metaphor for the stairway to heaven. Light is a fundamental element in our proposal - both in the plan layout and the orientation of the church and as a spacial and atmospheric medium for artistic expression. The church is orientated in such a way that it uses light - internally as well as externally - for the staging of cultural and chruch events.

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Illustrator Malika Favre designed the totally NSFW ABC's, inspired by the Kama Sutra. Just a warning: you may want to clear your browser history after this steamy read.

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The Banyan Drive Treehouse is built around the contours of the banyan tree beneath, with a glass panel in the floor of the treehouse to keep the banyan in mind. Although it's not a real treehouse and is just twelve feet off the ground, the small space is designed with escape in mind.

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Thursday, 18 April 2013 23:43

Library Slide from Moon Hoon


This library slide is in the Panorama House in South Korea, designed by Moon Hoon. The house itself is beautiful, but the slide is the best part. It's strong enough to support adults as well as children, which means everyone who lives here gets to reward themselves with a trip down the slide each time they visit the library. 

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Rollware: Edible Dishware


Students at the Piet Zwart Institute were asked to repurpose their everyday kitchen tools and come up with unexpected ways to bring food to the table. Not only did the students learn by doing, but they documented the whole thing, so you can see the whole creative process.

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Chris Labrooy is a UK-based graphic designer and illustrator with a gift for 3D wordplay. Labrooy has done work for Time magazine, Pringles, Darty, and his work includes an homage to the divas of 90s pop music: Britney, Mariah, and JLO. Click through for some samples of Labrooy's independent and commercial designs.

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South Africa-based design agency Mark imagined this cheeky version of what our intimate apparel would look like in the scope of Pantone. Should I have called this Pantaloons in Pantone? Maybe. Some say that the underoos represent a desire to stifle the overwhelming ubiquitousness of the brand in the world of art and design, but you don't have to hate it in order to kind of like it.

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photo via Feiner Lichttechnik

Kuchlbauer Tower, an observation tower on the grounds of Kuchlbauer Brewery, is the architectural anomaly designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The tower measures 35.14 meters and boasts a kind of Alice in Wonderland-esque inability to fit in with the surroundings. The brewery is one of the oldest in the world, and the tower serves as a museum and keeper of the Bavarian Purity Law of beer, which dates back to 1516.

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