Wednesday, 07 November 2012 04:01

The Alphabet 2 - A Creative Spelling Video


The Alphabet 2 from n9ve on Vimeo.

The Alphabet 2- a horn book video experiment - is a developmental spelling - video where each character visually represents the meaning of the word itself. Playing with different techniques and materials into little and big spaces, but always focusing on Helvetica font's proportions. A collection of words in a delightful spelling-video.

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Rain Shield is a clever redesign of the common umbrella.

A Red Dot award winner, designed by Taiwanese students Lin Min-Wei and Liu Li-Hsiang, the stylish umbrella has no sharp parts, and folds into a round cloth disc that can be easily stowed in your bag.

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Animal Series

Stripes / Ahhh Nuts

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Monday, 29 October 2012 18:58

The Painted House : Patterned Paint Rollers


"When I stumbled across these paint rollers in a market in Romania I was so excited I bought the lot and spent the next two months of the hiking trip regretting my cumbersome purchase. They have been used there for the last 100 years or so as an alternative to wallpaper. As an ardent upcycler I have been using them ever since to bring unloved fabrics and wonky old walls back to life. I have adapted the traditional roller system for use in fabric printing particularly; there is also a more simple foam roller for paper and walls." - Clare Bosanquet, the founder of The Painted House

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011 01:42

Ten Creative Bar Code Designs


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The old municipal swimming pool in the small town of Roubaix had been closed in 1985 due to safety problems; over the years, the support underneath the pool was weakened, and it was declared unsafe in 1985.

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Saturday, 18 June 2011 13:30

Beautifully Intricate Locks

Designed by Franz von Stuck and found at Bremen City Hall, Germany.

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Thursday, 16 June 2011 01:25

The History of the Oreo Emboss

Oreophoto"Oreo was first introduced by Nabisco in 1912, it used a much more organic wreath for its emboss, later augmented with two pairs of turtledoves in a 1924 redesign. The contemporary Oreo stamp was introduced in 1952, and it has remained unchanged. Oreo enthusiasts have studied the logos extensively, searching for their meanings:

The circle topped with a two-bar cross in which the word 'OREO' resides is a variant of the Nabisco logo, and is either 'an early European symbol for quality' (according to Nabisco's promotional materials) or a Cross of Lorraine, as carried by the Knights Templar into the Crusades. Continuing the Da Vinci Code-theme, the Oreo's geometric pattern of a dot with four triangles radiating outward is either a schematic drawing of a four-leaf clover or — cue the cliffhanger music from Jaws — the cross pattée, also associated with the Knights Templar, as well as with the German military and today's Freemasons."

Read the article here.

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Sagres is Portugal's leading beer brand. This year, Sagres brewed a new product: Sagres Preta Chocolate, a chocolate flavoured stout beer.

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Wednesday, 08 June 2011 22:05


I LOVE treehouses!

The Treehotel is located in Harads, Sweden. This unique collection of hotel rooms is nestled high in the woods, there is a room for every personality: the Cabin, Blue Cone, Bird's Nest, UFO and most intriguing of all, the Mirrorcube!


The Mirrorcube


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