Designed by Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects and Antoni Associates, this home in Bantry Bay, Cape Town, is built for a family who appreciates a view of the mountains. St Leon 10, as the home is called, overlooks the Twelve Apostles Mountain Range and is designed to blend in with the terrain.

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The Chipicas Town Houses, designed by Alejandro Sanchez Garcia Arquitectos, turns a housing complex into an incredibly-landscaped live-in garden. Each of the homes is built from wood and blends thoughtfully into the lush green environment. Tall and ample windows make the complex look like a meticulous biodome, in a great way. Each house has hree levels of structure, which includes accommodations for rooftop gardens, just in case living in the massive garden isn't enough.

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In the age of teaching your baby to read via iPad, it should come as no surprise that it may already be time to give your three year-old his first set of wheels. Like the red and yellow mushroom of a car that taught previous generations how the Flintstones got around, this pale blue scooter designed for the MoMA, might well become the ubiquitous vehicle that teaches new generations how to travel. The Skootcase opens so toys can be stored inside, and fits in the overhead bin on a plane, so your baby can join the jet set with ease. 

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I bet Xena, Warrior Princess never wasted her time with high heels because she didn't care about elongating her legs or looking great in a short dress (which they did), but if she did, they'd probably be something like these wooden wedges, inspired by the aboriginal Yanomani tribe of Brazil. The Yanomani paint their bodies in special ways for major rituals, like fighting, hunting, marriage, and death. Designer Breno Cintra drew inspiration from the tribe's cultural rituals which allow them to express the importance of rites of passage by painting their bodies. The shoes also reflect the structure of the Yanomani home, which is constructed with thatched palm leaves and wood.

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Mike Friton is a veteran shoemaker for Nike with three decades of experience in designing what goes between us and the ground. However, Friton has a particular set of skills that you might not associate with designing sneakers – Mike is also a paper sculptor and weaver. Mike beta-tests his designs by first sculpting paper in the way he wants material to move, and goes to the loom to test the flexibility of differnt patterns. 


The Innovator from Cineastas on Vimeo.

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You really think by now we would have invented a solution to the curse of the missing button. Whether it popped open in a moment of post-dinner sloth or been caught by the breeze as you ran for the bus, the button is gone. How embarrassing. It's just now I find out about the Pin Button by Kiho Jung and Mingyeon Jang. It snaps inside your shirt with no need for thread and no need to learn how to sew. Crisis averted, now good luck at your interview.

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Just kidding about the penguins, I have no idea if they're allowed on the guestlist. Although for the record, I don't think anyone should turn down a penguin if they show up at your door, especially if you run an Ice Hotel. Each year, the ICEHOTEL Art & Design group brings together several artists to design suites in the hotel, located in Sweden, all of which are built using only ice and snow. Each room has a theme and the hotel itself is like a massive living art exhibit, albeit a shortlived one. Some of the artists have worked with ice before, and some others are total novices at ice sculpture. 

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Tuesday, 12 February 2013 16:19

Animals on the London Underground

Highgate the Bat

Animals on the Underground is the pet project of Paul Middlewick, begun in 1988. Paul found his first animal, the elephant, while he was staring at his tube map one day. From there, not unlike discovering the constellations, Paul kept finding more and more animals. Today, the animals having nearly taken over the underground, as the number of new creatures continues to grow. The animals now appear on clothing, bags, and bibs. Paul's original elephant is the star of his book, Lost Property, about "the helpful elephant who can't help losing his memory."

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It's not every day that you'll see typography in the animal kingdom, but graphic illustrator Dan Fleming is trying out a new way to classify the various species. Each animal is created by hand using the letters in their name, to create a sort of personalized animal logo. You could also perhaps use Mr. Fleming's work to speed up your kid's literacy by showing them this creative intersection of taxonomy and typography.

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Sunday, 10 February 2013 16:33

Fantasy Football Logos by Matt McInerney



The football season has officially ended, but that doesn't mean you're ready to give up on news from the NFL. Whether you're just coming down from the adrenaline rush of the Ravens' win combined with a bonus Beyoncé concert, or you just think certain sports teams could benefit from a little logo redesign (I'm looking at you, Washington Redskins), you'll appreciate these thoughtfully rebranded NFL logos by graphic designer Matt McInerney. Matt also co-hosts an excellent podcast, On the Grid, where he discusses all things design.

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