DC Pierson is a comedian, author, rapper, and a founding member of DERRICK Comedy, the sketch group with Donald Glover, Dominic Dierkes, and Dan Eckman. You might recognize him as Duncan, self-appointed boy genius from the group's film, Mystery Team, or as occasional Greendale Gazette member and Human Being on Community. The UCB alum talks about his new book, Crap Kingdom, good and bad writing advice, casting Werner Herzog in his ultimate feature film, and other things.

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An escalator can never break: it can only become stairs. You should never see an Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order sign, just Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the convenience. – Mitch Hedberg


Mitch Hedberg (February 24, 1968 – March 29, 2005) was an American comedian whose signature style of joke writing and comedic delivery gained him a cult following. News of Hedberg's untimely death by drug overdose at the age of 37, was received with shock by his friends and fans, although he was a known drug user. Hedberg's command of surreal humor and non sequiturs has been cited as a major influence for comedians such as Mike Birbiglia, Demetri Martin, and Aziz Ansari.

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"As life's pleasures go, food is second only to sex. Except for salami and eggs. Now that's better than sex, but only if the salami is thickly sliced."

Happy Birthday, Alan King!

alankingIriwn Alan Kniberg (December 26, 1927 – May 9, 2004) was an American comedian and actor best known for his sharp wit and humorous rants. King's comedy and writing career often drew inspiration from his Jewish identity, and much of his autobiographic work pays homage to his culture and his love of Jewish food. As a young man, King worked in Canada in a burlesque house while also boxing professionally. He won twenty straight fights before losing, at which point he decided to leave boxing and focus on comedy. He began working as the doorman at the nightclub Leon and Eddie's while performing comedy under the last name of the boxer who beat him, "King".

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