If you're one of those people who like to sit on the bus and blast a song or a cat video on your phone for all your neighbors to hear, then consider an iPhone Theater, designed by Miami man Mike Enayah. It dangles in front of your eyes so your hands are free for texting on your other phone. If you're pleased with the level of irritation you cause to your fellow passengers, but would like to raise it up a notch, then you've found the right way to do that. The iPhone Theater - after all, tiny screens are the reason filmmakers spend millions of dollars on high quality film.


This virtual reality-style device, formally known as the GrabCAD, will make you feel high on images as you're crossing the street or walking through an alley. When you look this cool, street thieves and pickpocketers won't dare touch you. These headphones-with-benefits will make you feel like you're both in a movie and a video game at the same time - so you can forget about boring everyday things like city sights and friendships.




Stash it atop your head when you need your eyes for working in a stylish headphone pyramid.



And if you thought it couldn't get any better than high quality viewing on a screen this good, let me introduce you to an invention with an even bigger screen - the television!






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