I usually try not to contribute to the ongoing battle between iPhone users and Android users, but today I'm happy to be on the Apple side of the grass. Back when I had an Android phone, I had the worst time waking up with the native alarm, because the choices I had were between "Dismiss" and "Snooze". In my barely-functioning morning stupor, I had more than a little trouble deciding which of those options meant "I need five more minutes" and "Off". The word dismiss did not strike me as forceful or permanent enough to kick me out of bed, so I often "dismissed" my alarm for what I thought would be five minutes, and turned out to be a full hour.


It wasn't a great system, and I'm pretty glad to be rid of it. Now, Simplebots has released "Rise" for iOS, and it's so user-friendly that it makes me a little nervous. You choose a wake-up time by sliding up or down from the current time, accompanied by gradient shifts which represent different times of day. If you don't mind shelling out 1.99 in the App Store for a much kinder morning, you'll appreciate Rise.

Two caveats of using Rise, however: You can only set one alarm at a time, so if you need multiple reminders, this might not be the alarm for you. Secondly, if you don't leave the app open after you set the alarm, you'll be woken with a push notification instead of the alarm interface.


It's strangely calming, like starting your morning in the color scheme of your choosing. You can choose from a list of preset alarms, many of which will be familiar to you, and others which are fittingly airy and instrumental, like an Explosions in the Sky album. Everything about the experience is soothing and much gentler than attacking your bleary morning eyes with the angry red numbers of your much-loathed alarm clock. 



You can also make your own playlists, and control settings like repeating alarms and vibrations. There's also an option to make your own "Sleep Tunes" to lull yourself to sleep with the soundtrack or whale noises of your own choosing. 



Perhaps the best part is that instead of your standard Snooze option, you can tell Rise to give you "5 more minutes of Zzzz".

Rise Alarm Clock - Now Available in the App Store from Bluepic Studios on Vimeo

via Simplebots

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