Thrill Murray: Who among us can resist the allure of Bill Murray, the devilish actor who is rumored to pull all sorts of strange pranks on regular people everywhere, and then insist that "No one will ever believe you?" If Bill is your spirit animal, you probably need this book.

Here's a compilation of coloring books for the discerning adult who's never gotten over the joy of cracking open a fresh coloring book and enjoying a quiet afternoon with just you and your Crayola 64-Pack. Chances are though, once you left elementary school, it was no longer cool to color, so you begrudingly put away the effects of childhood. Well, screw that! Below, we have an awesome list of coloring books not just for kids. In fact, you have to be old (like, gasp, at least in your twenties) to even understand why any of these are as great as they are. Step aside, children.


Let's Paint the 90's!: I'm not sure how many of you are children of the 90's like I am, but if you long for the return of Baywatch, Bill Clinton, Vanilla Ice, and other incredibly important cultural icons of the best decade, this one is for you.


Advanced Style: The Coloring Book: Are you a senior sartorialist, or maybe you just really dig the inimitable style of your grandma? Ari Seth Cohen's fashionable tome of old fogies who still look fabulous has been turned into a blank-ish slate, for your consideration.


Colour Me Good: Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling wants to get to a deeper level in your all-consuming crush on him, by colouring in his cute little Canadian body in this dedicated book.


The Indie Rock Coloring Book: All the bands you begrudingly shared with your friends are honored in this compilation from the Yellow Bird Project and artist Andy J. Miller. Devendra Banhart, Rilo Kiley, and The National are featured, to name a few. And all royalties go to charity, which is pretty cool.


Roy Lichtenstein Coloring Book: If you've always wanted to create your own comic books, but perhaps your own illustrations don't quite make the grade, let Lichtenstein and his headstrong femmes guide your pop-art loving hands.


Kimono Coloring Book: If you dream of living your life in an elegant silk robe, but the cultural norms dictate that you wear Western garb (sigh), live out your dreams within these pages.


Graffiti Art Coloring Book: For those of us who appreciate a good piece of street art, but perhaps can't handle the rush of vandalizing public spaces... 


Outside the Lines: For lovers of coloring, but who prefer a more contemporary feel, this book includes contributions from illustrators of all different genres. Contributors include Keith Haring, AIKO, Shepard Fairey, Exene Cervenka, Keita Takahashi, Jen Corace, Ryan McGinness, and others!


A Coloring Book by Mike Perry and YOU: An eclectic combination of 'imaginary cityscapes, spacey scenes, anthropomorphized food, and more,' await you in this potential collaboration between Mike Perry and you!


The Coloring Book presents lots of unusual challenges for the budding illustrator, forcing them to use color imaginatively and think creatively in order to complete each task. Are you up to the avant-garde challenge?


C'mon, feel the gangsta luv when you color in the Gangsta Rap Coloring Book, featuring lyrical legends like Snoop, Biggie Smalls, Nas, Tupac, DMX, and other dudes who are way cooler than you. 

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