Happy Birthday, Simone!

Simone Bittencourt de Oliveira is a Brazilian singer and performer of Música Popular Brasileira, who has recorded more than 31 albums.

simoneSimone Bittencourt (December 25, 1949) was born in Salvador, Bahia as the seventh daughter in a family of nine children. Her father was an opera singer and her mother was a pianist. Simone's music career began when her friend Elodir Barontini, a guitar teacher, invited her to sing at a dinner with the marketing manager of Odeon.



Immediately after the dinner, she was offered a contract to record four albums at once. Her debut album was recorded in October 1972. She has gone on to record dozens more albums, and continues to perform live, especially in her native Brazil.



Simone is a nationally recognized musician in her native Brazil, and was the first female singer to fill Maracanãzinho Stadium, a major performance arena in Rio de Janeiro. Simone has been recognized by Quincy Jones as "one of the world's greatest singers" and Julio Iglesias has identified her as one of his favorite Brazilian singers.



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  • Birthday Date: Thursday, 25 December 2014
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