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Johan Julius Christian Sibelius (December 8, 1865 – September 20, 1957) was a Finnish composer is remembered for his tremendous contributions to music of the later Romantic period. Sibelius contributed so much to Finnish national identity that until it was taken out of circulation in 2002, he was featured in the Finnish 100 mark bill. In Finland, the composer's birthday is known as the 'Day of Finnish Music'. His best known work includes a set of seven symphonies, as well as Finlandia, Valse Triste, The Swan of Tuonela, and several other compositions.


Sibelius' biographer,Erik W. Tawaststjerna, on his composition style:

"Even by Nordic standards, Sibelius responded with exceptional intensity to the moods of nature and the changes in the seasons: he scanned the skies with his binoculars for the geese flying over the lake ice, listened to the screech of the cranes, and heard the cries of the curlew echo over the marshy grounds just below Ainola. He savoured the spring blossoms every bit as much as he did autumnal scents and colours."


Although there is significant evidence that Sibelius was working toward an eighth symphony, the composer was intensely critical of his own work. He is said to have told his friends, "If I cannot write a better symphony than my Seventh, then it shall be my last."

The composition and music notation software Sibelius is named after the renowned composer.





Christian Ferras plays Sibelius Violin Concerto: 2nd movement, 3rd movement

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