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David Russell Gordon Davies (February 3, 1947) is an English rock musician and the lead guitarist and vocalist for The Kinks. Along with his brother Ray Davies, and their friend Pete Quaife, Dave was a founding member of The Kinks. The band's drummer Mick Avory completed the quartet, although his tumultuous relationship with Dave eventually led to Avory leaving the group in the mid 1980s. In 1967, Davies released his first solo single, "Death of a Clown" which was co-written with his brother. Davies' first true solo studio album was Bug, in 2002, followed by Fractured Mindz in January 2007.


As children, Dave Davies and his brother Ray often played music together in the front room of the Davies home where there was a piano. The brothers worked out the famous two-chord riff of their hit "You Really Got Me" on the piano in the front room. In 1963, the Dave and his friend Pete Quaife formed The Kinks, soon joined by Ray, and eventually Mick Avory. Dave was responsible for creating the signature distorted power chord riff on "You Really Got Me" which was the band's first hit song, and third released single. According to Rock and Roll legend, Dave Davies's amplifier had fallen off the back of a van after playing a live gig; the resulting distorted sound is conisdered to be the birth of "heavy metal."



In the next two years, The Kinks released three albums and several EPs, and toured frequently. Ray Davies became the de facto leader of the band, while Dave made occasional contributions as lead vocalist, on songs like "Party Line", "Death of A Clown". and "Strangers".


When he was still a teenager, Davies and his girlfriend Sue Sheehan were forced to separate by their respective parents after Sue discovered she was pregnant. Davies wrote several songs about the experience, including "Funny Face", Suzannah's Still Alive" and "Mindless Child of Motherhood". Davies didn't meet their daughter Tracey until 1993. Davies went on to have seven more children. Following the breakup of the band, Davies released an autobiography, Kink, discussing his bisexuality and his sometimes tense relationship with his brother during their career. 


Davies made several attempts at solo albums throughout the 70s, but none of his projects reached completion. Davies was often the producer and engineer at The Kinks' main studio, Konk. In 1977, the band left their record label, RCA Records for Arista. Their debut album with Arista was Sleepwalker, which became a commercial and critical comeback, following several albums which were critically acclaimed but failed to achieve commercial success.


In 1982, The Kinks released a music video for their single "Come Dancing" which was a nostalgic look at the childhood of the Davies brothers and their early musical experimentation in the front room of their childhood home.

In 1984, the KInks relased the album Word of Mouth. Word of Mouth features what many Kinks fans (and brother Ray) conisder to be Dave's best song, Living on a Thin Line.

Soon after, Mick Avory left The Kinks and was replaced by Bob Henrit. Although several more albums were released, these failed to make an impression and the band never regained their previous popularity. In 1990, all four members of the band were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 1993, The Kinks released their final studio album, Phobia. In 1996, The Kinks disbanded.


On June 30, 2004, Davies suffered a stroke following a promotional event for his album, Bug. By 2006, Davies had recovered enough to be able to walk, talk, and play the guitar. In 2011, the tracks originally intended for Davies' first solo album were released under Hidden Treasures, which included several singles, b-sides, and album tracks by Dave.


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