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Charlie Watts (June 2, 1941) is an English drummer best known as a longtime member of the Rolling Stones. Watts initially turned down the offer to play with the then-unknown group, although he finally accepted in January of 1963. Watts said of the band, "For me it was just another job offer," although the band's fate quickly changed with the popularity of their cover of "It's All Over Now, which hit No. 3 on the British pop charts. This was followed by their enormous success in the United States in 1965 with "Satisfaction," which hit No. 1. For the next two decades, the Stones were one of the world's most wildly successful rock bands.







Charlie Watts was born in London, England and was influenced at an early age by musicians like Miles Davis and John Coltrane, although he did not seriously pursue music for most of his early life. Watts worked at a London advertising agency, writing a book about Charlie Parker, Ode to a High Flying Bird. Although Watts played drums were a few different bands, many of whose members would go on to become major successes in their own right, he briefly left his band so as not to interfere with his advertising job.


Guitarist Brian Jones formed the Rollin' Stones in 1962 with Mick Jagger, Ian Stewart, Keith Richards and Dick Taylor. They later changed the name to the Rolling Stones, and Watts finally joined them a few months later in 1963. As a member of the group, Watts not only contributed musically, but provided graphics and illustrations for some of the Stones' early records. Watts also designed elaborate stages for the band's performances on tours, from their 1975 Tour of the Americas, to their 2005-2007 A Bigger Bang Tour.

Outside of his work with the Rolling Stones, Watts has formed a number of different jazz groups, including a 32-piece band called the Charlie Watts Orchestra. In recent years, Watts has worked with the swing band, the A, B, C & D of Boogie Woogie. Watts has been married to Shirley Ann Shepherd, since October 1964, and the pair now own an Arabian horse stud farm in the rural village of Dolton. In 2004, Watts was diagnosed with throat cancer, but has since made a full recovery. He continues to perform and tour with the Rolling Stones.





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