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Anton Bernhard Fürstenau ( October 20, 1792—November 18, 1852) was a German flautist and composer. He was the most famous flautist in Germany during his time and became a major Romantic influence.

Fürstenau was born in Münster. His father, Kaspar Fürstenau, was a famous flautist and his first teacher. By the time he was seven, he had his first public performance. He became a traveling prodigy alongside his father.

He went on to become a member of the Oldenburg State Court Orchestra. In 1820, he was appointed principal flutist of the Dresden orchestra by Carl Maria von Weber in 1820, with whom he was also friends throughout his life.

Fürstenau published 147 works for flute including Etude Op. 15, School of Flutes Op. 42, 26 Etudes - Book I & II, Op. 107, and many others.

Fürstenau played the German key flute his whole life, mainly playing instruments by Wilhelm Liebel.

He also wrote several articles on flute playing, including "Historisch-kritische Untersuchung der Konstrukzion unserer jetzigen Flöte" ("The Critical Study of the Structure of the Flute").

In 1844, his book Kunst des Flötenspiels in theoretisch-practischer Beziehung (The Art of Flute Playing) was published.

He also composed many duets, trios, concertos, and other works.

His son, Moritz Fürstenau, was one of his many students.

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