Adrian Adolph Greenberg (March 3, 1903 — September 13, 1959), known as Adrian, was an American costume designer whose costumes were featured in The Wizard of Oz, for which he custom-designed Dorothy's ruby slippers, and other MGM productions. Adrian only designed for women, and his assistants created costumes for male actors. Adrian often worked in period films, and his clothing appears in Marie Antoinette (1938), Anna Karenina (1935), Romeo and Juliet (1936) and Pride and Prejudice (1940). He was credited in films as "Gowns by Adrian".



Adrian's biggest clients included actresses like Katherine Hepburn, Norma Shearer, Jean Harlow, and Joan Crawford. The 1939 film The Women features a 10-minute fashion show starring his designs.




Adrian and Greta Garbo


Jean Harlow in a bias cut dress designed by Adrian


Gowns by Adrian

Although he designed for the film industry, Adrian became highly influential in mainstream fashion, and MGM allowed industry magazines to document the process of costume design for the benefit of amateur dressmakers at home. The shoulder pads he designed for Joan Crawford sparked a lasting fashion trend.

gownsadrian Joan Crawford 



Ruby red slippers by Adrian


Joan Crawford as Letty Lynton


Gowns by Adrian (L to R): Katharine Hepburn in The Philadelphia Story, Joan Crawford in Humoresque, the designer sitting at a fitting of Norma Shearer on-set at The Women, a seamstress working on an Adrian design for Greta Garbo on-set at The Painted Veil, via Elle

One of Adrian's best known creations was the dress worn by Joan Crawford in Letty Lynton (1932). Versions of the gown were sold throughout the country. After leaving MGM in 1941, he set up his own fashion house, although he continued to work for Hollywood. Although he was openly gay, he was married to Janet Gaynor until his death, and they retired in Brazil.

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